Rendering Feature

Being able to render each pattern of a song into seperate files would be a really useful feature to the new and improved render functions of Renoise 1.27.

This would be just another rendermode in the list and probably an easy thing to develop.

This feature would make it a lot easier to make samplepacks for masters when getting music released on a recordlable…

as already told several times, this feature is not as easy as it seems: to be sure of every VST/automation parameter value of a pattern, you MUST scan all other patterns before, or at least scan previous patterns backwardly until all parameters are set to a new value (quite mad this one).

If all patterns are rendered, or all up to a point, then this is not a problem, it’s just a matter of dividing the regular render output into multiple wav-files. The problem you describe only apply when trying to separately render some patterns within the song.

a bit off-topic but… in the new arranger will one be able to save single patterns? or kill patterns not within a specified range… this could be used for the above purpose (aswell)… It-aliens “problem” would remain, though… but could easily be worked around…

That does not have to be a problem either, there is a workaround for that.

Just render the whole song, and than chop it up, than delete the patterns except for those that where selected to be rendered.

You can also optimize this routin abit. For example if, you want to render pattern 5-7 than you only have to start rendering from pattern 4. then delete pattern 4.

So if you want to render pattern (as in song position) 5-7 and 21-23 than render from pattern 4-7 skip and continue render from pattern 20 to 23, chop up the patterns but delete pattern 4 and 20.

Or there could be an option to prerender X patterns before the first you save. This way we don’t create extra trouble for those who don’t use effects that is affected by previous audio input.

I dont see a practical use of rendering each pattern seperate.
Delay effects for example will be cut, so you have to render sequences anyway manually.
Me thinks that it would be more comfortable if you could render what you`ve selected in the patterneditor. This makes it easy to prepare loops for other audio applications.

Well you if I want to render 2 patterns from inside a song and I don´t want the delay effect to be cut, I just add a empty pattern after the two I want to render.

Btw This function is not on my whishlist but I´m just talking about how it could be done.

I’ve never seen it, but maybe you’re right… :unsure: But how many apps support this anyway (if it’s possible :))?

Sound Forge supports markers and regions in .wav files.
Sonic Foundry Vegas Does it too.
Adobe Premiere does not read these markers…
I have no other programs i think to try that read .wav,

Maybe it is sonic Foundry (Sony) - dependent, and no others read the metadata?