Rendering Groups Seperatly..

this would be a handy addition… 'cause I think the most of us group things like;


or something like that…

rendering those groups and loading them in my other DAW for mastering afterwards would be so much easier this way…

It’s already possible.

If you enable the option “Save each track into a separate file” in the Render dialog, then individual groups will also be saved to their own .wav file just like the individual tracks do.

I suppose another option could be added in the future just for groups, to separate it from the tracks option, but for now this works :)

+1 for a “just the groups” (and everything not in a group) rendering.

There’s something wrong with my renoise I think? When it start to render with the option “Save each track into a separate file” on… it’s starting to render… and i can see all the files appear in my render directory in windows… but when renoise is done rendering… only a half of the rendered wavs is left?

Doing this by hand wouldn’t take that much longer than a feature or script. I currently just solo the group I want to make out to a stem - render - done.

During the rendering process, Renoise will render every available track in your song.

Once the render has actually finished, Renoise will simply remove any files/tracks that are completely silent.

So you probably just have some empty tracks in your song?

you said:

my track looks like this:

I want to have those 4 groups (percussie,hook,basssynth,fills) rendered.

so if i have a track that consist of 32 tracks BUT only 7 groups… i want to have 7 rendered wavs…
is this possible?

If you render with separate tracks enabled, then you should get:

  • A single .wav file for each of the 32 tracks (assuming that all 32 tracks contain some audio)
  • A single .wav file for each of the 4 groups (assuming that all 4 groups contain some audio)

It’s not yet possible to only render the group tracks. You will still get the group tracks when you render, but you will also get the single tracks.

If you do not get any group tracks rendered, then something strange is happening, so we’ll need some more details from you to figure it out.

HA! found it…

I’ve got my send devices on some groups…routing them to an “pre-master-send” something like this tool described here but then just done by me, custom…not using this tool…

So some groups are routed to this “pre-master send” so I can compress/eq them together…
Some other groups are DIRECTLY routed to the master…
The painfull fact is that Renoise creates a .wav for THAT particular “pre-master send” which results in Renoise deleting my groups .wav’s :(

edit: a screenshot makes things more clearly to understand;

Ah yes, I didn’t realise you were using send tracks. Any kind of routing like this will interfere with the track/group rendering, since the physical audio signal is being sent somewhere else. Not really much we can do about this without making some pretty big changes to the way everything works.

I don’t know exactly what you have on your ‘premaster’ track, but… to solve the problem you might try to remove the send devices from the groups, and then duplicate the ‘premaster’ DSP chain on each individual group. That way you don’t need to route everything to the same send track, and your individual groups should render normally.

Enabling ‘Keep Source’ on your group send devices would probably also ‘fix’ it and cause the group .wav’s to be rendered, but this might sound a bit strange elsewhere. You’ll just have to experiment with it.

hmm… i don’t agree on that… Renoise is in fact rendering my groups: but at the end… renoise deleting them… watch this:

see my crappy vid of what I mean:

So the wav’s are being rendered… renoise just deletes them at the end…