Rendering Groups/Tracks

Hello, I have a little question: I rendered down my project to samples, every track to separate sample. I also used many group tracks. When I listen to the rendered groups, they contain combined sounds from all tracks within a group.
My question is: do the samples from single tracks contain the effects that were present on a group track? For example, I have a kick, a snare and a hihat track and all 3 are in the group track “Drums”. I put some glue comp or light reverb on the group and select “render every track into separate file”. Now I’ve got 4 tracks (kick, snare, hihat and Drums). Do the single tracks of kick, snare and hihat contain the comp and reverb as well or is it just in the group track?
I just wanna know how the audio signal works when rendering on separate samples. I used only subtle glue effects on the groups in my track and now I can’t hear any obvious difference…(or it is really the same?)

If you have Track 1 + Track 2 + Track 3 inside of Group A, and you have a compressor on the Group channel, but all the other channels are dry, than if you render the stems you should have: Track 1 = dry, Track 2 = dry, Track 3 = dry, Group A = Wet.

I am not sure, if that is what you are asking, but hopefully it helps… Also, “I am not 100% sure. But you can easily verify this with your ears.”