Rendering Kontakt Instrument

I’ve seen somewhat similar questions in other topics, but nothing that specifically answers my question, so I apologize if this is a repost.

I’m getting used to renoise and have some Kontakt 4 instruments that I really want to use within it made by puremagnetik, which only jive with the kontakt player for 15 minutes. I understand mostly how the instrument render tool works, but I’m curious if someone could specifically explain to me how to render a kontakt 4 (player) instrument in such a way that it sounds the same as a native renoise instrument as it does in the kontakt player. Of course I understand, however, that it would be necessary to bypass all of the activated kontakt effects and modulations to make it really native and versitile within renoise, I wouldn’t miss them since i prefer using external DSP’s anyway, and the envelopes within renoise are peachy.

so i guess with that all said, i would really like to know what settings to use within renoise to make a fairly accurate copy of a certain kontakt player instrument.

That is quite a lot of work, the instruments in Kontakt are divided in layers and samples.
If you know how many layers and at wich velocity values these are triggered, you can resample them in multiple rounds, but you then have multiple instruments with samples in multiple layers. This is also not something you can get around with. Renoise doesn’t support multilayering yet.

Figuring out the velocity layers with Kontakt may perhaps be possible, then you still don’t know if they have one sample assigned to each note-key individually or if samples share multiple note-keys… if you know that, you can also save yourself some more sample-memory.

If you don’t know the velocity values, then you have 127 possible sets you need to scan for each kontakt instrument.
If you consider it worth the time-investment…

doing this will neverthless infringe Kontakt license as rendering their sounds still requires a legit license

You’re Right, it would be too much of a time investment…

I assumed that much… but I am only trying to record instruments which i have purchased from puremagnetik… these instruments do come with the raw samples, however.