Rendering Line-in Device To Sample


I’ve got the following problem:
I am controlling a windows vst using jack (as I described in my tutorial) and route the sound back into renoise using a Line-In Device. Now I want to render the resulting sound to a sample, but before starting the rendering process, renoise disconnects all jack connections, leaving the resulting sample blank. The same problem appears, when I try to render the song to disc. The Line-In Devices get disconnected, renoise renders the song, and afterwards, the connections are being restored.

Is there a possibility to render the incoming signal from a Line-In Device to a sample (or to disk in general, using the song rendering function)?

As always: if not possible, yet, consider it a feature request ^^


Rendering means calculation.
In this mode Renoise gives every option the chance to calculate their output and return the result. Problem with Linux is that Windows VST’s have to run in WINE and FST i believe and you actually have no internal connection with Renoise to the plugin, thus Renoise does not incorporate external controlled plugins. This is also why you can’t render with MIDI devices through Renoise. The FAQ about why MIDI is not rendered applies to this situation as well.

One way to solve this is to attach to your plugin output in Jack using a wave recorder and let the wave recorder perform the audio recording while Renoise is playing your plugin device.
The other way you may want to try is to resend the audio back to Renoise and let the sampler record the output, you you need to have your song play to get the result recorded. Best is to work with the sync startp&stop option in the sample editor so that your audio is recorded from the start of a pattern to the end of the desired pattern. Simply press start at the upcoming sequencer position to make Renoise start at the next sequencer position (during songplay) and hit stop if the current sequencer position is the amount you want to have sampled.

Thank you vV,

to record the sample using “sync start & stop” works reasonably well for me. It’s just what I need.
Thanks very much for your time and dedicated answer. It’s highly appreciated.