Rendering Multiple Patterns

is there anyway to render selction to sample over multiple patterns instead of just one pattern at a time?

i was wondering that too???

my sarcasm senses are tingling!i realise its a stupid question but its been bugging me for doodles now

I don’t believe it’s possible using render selection to sample, but it is of course possible to do a partial render to .wav that contains the patterns you’re interested in. From the pattern order/sequence editor, make a selection that covers the patterns you want, then right-click and choose “render selection to wav”. The render dialog will appear with the correct settings already chosen for you. Also keep in mind that you can temporarily mute any tracks that you do not want to appear in the .wav render, so it’s possible to isolate certain sounds in almost the same way as the render selection to sample feature.

well if it isnt my hero!thanks man thatll do.didnt know u could render the blocks…strange u cant drag ur selection down to the next pattern though ay?

wait…thats the same way as rendering ur song…i was trying to avoid that,because il be switching directories all the time and its a pain in the rectum.if theres no other way itll have to do,beggars cant be choosers!im not happy though these galaxy minstrels are going to have to pay severely.

i really dont know why you think i was being sarcastic?? :blink:
i actually have been wondering about that

oh sorry dude!i tot u were poking fun at my noobular question.u cant actually do it though which is what surprises me?

World’s wort workaround follows!

Depending on the size of your patterns, try temporarily Joining them, rendering the selection, cut the sample, press undo twice, paste the sample.

You can Join patterns in the PM area. Right-click the pattern numbers and look at the context menu.

i never noticed the join function aswell,thats dead handy too,but still a bit miffed at not bein able to drag a selection onto another pattern.

We would need a render selection to sample in the pattern matrix as well then i guess.
Still this would force you to render from each track start then.

that`s what came in my mind after thinking about this. would be great to choose some patterns in the matrix editor and render the selection.

is this possible yet ?

im trying to render a long sample (because i want the dsp effects applied to it for easier eqing).

Sort of:

woah thank you so much, this kinda saves my evening :)