Rendering Or Realtime Recording

I’ m just wondering …it depends from project to projeect …but sometimes I just put the voxengo ( or anny )audio recorder on the master bus …assign a directory …press record …and get mental …

all by all …it all get recorded @ 16bit/44Khz…so: what is the advantage of rendering a song and realtime recording ? Except for the interpolation method
( b.t.w. arguru’s sync (r.i.p.) takes a verry long time)
…honestly I can’t hear the difference between a rendered composition and a compo. that is recorded directly to disk.
I just like the old school method of muting/unmuting tracks /assigning faders,tweaking knobs , rec. in real time etc …it feels more comfortable to just record directly to disk ( no I won’t switch to ableton …way to expensive…)
Just curious …cause it’s all 1/0’s …

I always record realtime, mainly becasue all my sounds are hardware, but muting/fading/etc is much mure fun! :D