Rendering Plugin To Sample?

Hi, i’ve been using Renoise for some time now (and loving it btw :yeah: ), only since i updated it to 2.8, i can’t seem to render vsti to instrument(sample) correctly.

It just renders 1 sample, however many notes the plugin is using… When i tried it again in 2.7 i did get all the samples for the selected note range, so now i really have no clue what to do in 2.8 to make it work.

Is there a new way to do this in 2.8, or could it by any chance be a bug? Does anyone here have the same problem perhaps?

Thanks for your time :)

Are your settings exactly the same in both versions regarding the render to plugin dialog?
Also if you click on the question mark icon in the specific VST plugin property frame, are the settings in there also the same as for 2.7? (stuff like Static buffering enabled/disabled)

Yes, the settings are the same…
I’ve tried changing the vst properties, doesn’t solve the problem unfortunately.

What plugin are we speaking of btw and is it 32-bit or 64-bit, if it is a 32-bit plugin, try using the 32-bit version of Renoise 2.8, i think that will work, because the 32-bit plugin then runs natively or at least i suspect it is something that direction.
Nevertheless, knowing which plugin this is about, we have an example to pick along for optimizing the plugin renderer routine.

So far i’ve tried to render drumatic, microtonic, zeta(v1), dr-fusion, sonik synth and ironhead. All giving the same result.
Also running everything in 32 bit.
For the time being i can still render in 2.7, only it’s a little more work than i would like though…