Rendering song error when using „ZBxx - Break pattern“ commands in the song


this is my setup:

Renoise 64Bit - V3.3.2 (Built: Mar 7 2021)

Instruments d16 Nepheton and TAL-MOD

The song contains 7 patterns and six tracks … in pattern 2 to 6 I set the gloval command ZBxx to get an fractured rythm … pattern 7 is empty. Everything works fine. When trying to rendert he final song the rendering does not stop at the last line oft he 7th pattern but instead continues rendering from the start in pattern1 up to pattern 3 again. To get the song I have manually delete the additional rendered patterns. I tried ZT00 and ZL00 in the last üattern to stop the rendering … without any success.

Question: Is there any exit command to stop the rendering at the last pattern?

Thanks in advance



today this error occured again! Whenever I use a ZBxx - Break pattern command in a song the rendering will not stop at the last line of the last pattern but instead render on in the first line of the first pattern for round about four lines!
I would like to know if this is an issue or if I am missing something?

Thank you in advance

First of all, I’ve never used the ZB command, so I can’t tell if it’s an issue or not. And I don’t know how you’re rendering your songs. Real time? I guess not. I would suggest to render in real time, if this doesn’t help I would adjust the pattern length instead of breaking the pattern by ZB command. Why do you want to break the pattern at a specific position if you can adjust the pattern length right away?

As far as I know, no.


  1. Rendering
    I have tried both ways - real time and offline … there is no difference … after the last line of the last pattern the rendering keeps on rendering pattern 1 up to line 4 … using the tool The Deliverer shows the same behaviour except it ends rendering at line 2 in the first pattern!
  2. ZB versus breaking pattern
    Yes but this option cannot shorten the beginning e.g. I have a complex pattern and copy it but in the copied pattern I only want the part from line 40 to 64 … you cannot shorten a pattern from the beginning only from the end (jumps to next pattern at line xx)!

But thank you for answering


I think I found the feature/bug in the rendering process: The renderer counts the lines he has to render, starts rendering and counts the rendered lines until he hits the number he counted at the beginning. So if you use a break pattern with e.g. 32 lines the renderer does not recognizes the break and that leads to the ongoing rendering from the first pattern up to line 32.
The rendering process adds to the end of your song exact the number of break lines you used in your song!
So I think this is a bug/feature in the renderer code!


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