Rendering Song Improvement.

When you render a song in Renoise, the dialog pops up and you choose your settings. When you hit start Renoise starts to render…

But the Graphics move through the song in a jerky motion.

Is it absolutely necessary to see this? I would be more than happy to see Renoise minimize itself, or turn off all graphics whilst rendering occured.

The only thing I anm interested i when I am rendering a song is the progress bar.

I think if you take away all the graphics stuff this would speed up the rendering process (or at least make your computer look less jerky…)

I like the scrolling patterns under the rendering window :P. Gives a good overview, especially when doing Arguru sinc.

2 suggestions: A checkbox for “don’t redraw pattern/scopes in background”, and showing the progress % in front of the window title when renoise gets minimized while rendering, so you can see it in the taskbar.

I also like the progress shown in background like DDSpeed, it indicates which parts of your song take more CPU power to render (the progress goes slow) and vice versa.