Rendering To Mp3 Directly

the topic says all…

Wouldn’t that mean we would have to pay to the developers of mp3 or creators of mp3 or whatever?..

wouldn’t .ogg be alot cheaper?

licensfree :P

mp3 is dead since hardware players started support ogg, and vice-versa any one who won’t support ogg will die, that’s the rule of the market. and it’s more because of ogg is free than ogg is better than mp3 technically. people love free stuff…

i don’t think so … mp3 is too popular … and many hardware-mp3-players/DVD-players sold over the last 2 years with mp3 support only … but for Renoise … other new features are really more important than mp3-rendering.

i don’t think so… mp3 is popular for those who just don’t know about ogg, but it’s not a big problem for ogg, some online mp3 portals already got online encoding service which also supports ogg, also there is a proper info. about players, iriver has published their supports ogg. i’ve waited for that and i’m gonna buy iriver’s one. about creative… well, they always been too haughty and i bet they will pay for that.

some people told me a couple years ago: “ogg? huh? wtf?”, now i hear “mp3? huh? wtf?” more and more often.

Zed, you’re way ahead of the market. Everyone knows of MP3 these days, even those who don’t own or know how to use a computer… Ogg is still only known by the more computer literate…

well… first of all, i’m always ahead. secondly, there was a time when i did know what is mod and didn’t know what is mp3. and finally, time is magic, my friend :)

and btw if this thingie is something for abnormal people only, then i’m gonna become one…

I think that until it will cost $350, it will indeed be for abnormal people only :)

once in a lifetime, I’m quite normal about this thingie :D

Beeing modest are we? :)

Cool!! Haven’t seen an Ogg player before, but this is so good I almost have to get one! :D

And btw, abnormal wasn’t really the word I was thinking of… more like the minority…

Hehe… found this on the iRiver website… pretty pointless feature:

I mean who would use their mp3 (ogg :)) player to read novels!?!?! :D :lol:

well… actually there more iriver’s players that support ogg:

build in support:

support after firmware updating (will remove wma support):

beeing ahead, beeing ahead of modest… :D