Rendering To Wav In Renoise - Option To Still View Note/fx Data

Evening All,

I quite often write breaks and drum parts on my Samsung NC10 when travelling/at work. As a result of the lack of processing power with the Atom chip, I end up bouncing most of my breaks down to Wav. Now, what would be really cool for me anyway would be that when you render your own break to Wav you could still see the break and pattern fx info displayed - even though it’s not ‘active’ in Renoise - does that make sense?

Kind of like ‘ghost’ info - it would be all greyed out and not actually being triggered as you have bounced down to wav, BUT i often use break / pattern info to sync up and arrange my patterns. So, when it’s only running on 00-63 I sometimes get lost with my workflow thread.

Is this option feasible? Would be nice to bounce down breaks to use in other projects/collabs - but when in Renoise you can see all your handi-work and efforts!!



This sounds familiar… I think someone wrote a tool that does what you are asking?

Cheers Conner,

That’ll teach me not to look more carefully! I shall give that a go tonight. I must admit, I find it pretty refreshing working with the Atom chip, forces you to be creative at times!

I don’t understand. Can’t you just leave the original track there and Mute it, then you can still see all the data but it’s not being processed by the CPU.