Rendering To Wav Longer Than 512

is it possible to render to wav. “bits” that are longer then 512 lines. if not is there any plans for this? would anybody else find this useful even? i can get around it by soloing a track and rendering to disk, but thats a bit annoying.
p.s. i read the manual and it seems that you can’t but i thought i would ask anyway.

+1 also for pattern merge

yes it would be nice for pattern merge also. but now i see the possible problem with this. if that were allowed for pattern merge and render to .wav then why not put an unlimited amount of lines for any pattern. which would have to lead to better support for longer sound files, witch would imho, mean much better resolution for 09xx commands. (seems to be a feature sought after by other renoisers.) but one thing at a time i guess? (unless, from what i’ve read so far from change logs and what not, taktic keeps up his work pace. in that case it might be implemented before the final release) lol. it would be nice to see any of these features though.

If you want to render a track accross multiple patterns:

  • Solo this track
  • Selection the pattern that you want to render in the Pattern Sequencer
  • Right click on the selection in the sequencer -> Render Selection to WAV
  • Load the rendered file

ah yes! :D thank you so much, it would have been quite a while before i noticed that. this will make things much easier.