Rendering To Wav

I have tried changing the interpolation setting etc and sample rate but nothing seems to convert it to as high a quality as it sounds while playing in renoise?
I have tried 32 bit float and when it doesnt crackle it sounds the same as 16bit… Am i doing something wrong?..

what do you mean by “when it does not crackle”?

the WAV should not have any crackle, except for if the samples have crackles inside, of course.

Anyway, using 32 bit float resolution won’t give you great quality “magically”: for example, maybe your soundcard does not support 32bit playing and it automatically plays the WAV as 16 bit?

Or your samples are not of great quality?

Thnks It-alien;
When i render on 32 bit float I have to have the volume very low to prevent distortion when it converts or it crackles real bad, VSTI and samples are good quality, plays perfectly in the programme just seems to lose something once its been rendered?

hmm… quite strange…

what I can suggest you is to use 32 bit resolution in this case, because it will allow you not to loose any signal information when rendering at very low volume, because 16bit WAVs are made of integer numbers, while 32bit WAVs are made of float values.

Whatever your problem is, you can use this workaround: render at low volume and 32 bit, load the WAV into an audio editor and “normalize” (=maximize the volume). This way you won’t loose quality.

Thnks! I will give it a go!