Rendering Track As Mono

Hey guys i need to render a track as mono, have tried everything, from adjusting sample properties to mono, to using the stereo expander on the master ( and specified track) and setting it to mono, but it always renders as a stereo file, is there any way around this?

dfx monomaker on the master, rendering is still in stereo, but both L & R are the same

Thanks for the reply and the link :)

will only have a chance to play with it a lil’ later though :(… Yeah the only reasons i want a mono track is because this one sampler im trying to use only accepts mono files… so im not sure if it will still accept the sample even though both L and R are the same?Maybe the ablitlity to have mono tracks in renoise would be a cool addition?

it’s possible to convert a stereo sample to mono by many means, you can do it in renoise by loading the rendered song as a sample, in the sample editor press F11 to open sample properties, set channels to mono (mix) and save the sample. Done. :)

Thanks for the reply :P

I’ve tried that, but when i want to render the sample to put it on the desktop, or whatever, it is bounced down in stereo again, i take, because the master is a stereo channel?

Maybe a stereo expander set to mono on the master…? haven’t tried it tho…

Tried it, doesn’t seem to work :(

You don’t have to render the sample, just save it as it is (CTRL-F11)

Render to stereo, open in Audacity or similar, convert to mono?

or load the rendered file into renoise and convert to mono ?
there is no need for an extra program :D

Depends how big the file is, and how much RAM you have.

Renoise doesn’t do disk streaming of files.

Ok… maybe the answer isn’t here. What is “this sampler”? Does it have a forum? If the sampler only supports mono, then the problem will probably have been taken into consideration and at the sampler’s site you might find some kind of “steriowav2monowav” or something… ;)

I’d forgotten that point. Yet to find a wave editor I’m really happy with on Linux (SoundForge seems to be pretty much the only thing tempting me back to Windows) so had considered using Renoise for everything. Now I do have an LP4 mini disk I need to record and edit at some point, this is something around four and a half hours, hpow much RAM would that take to record in Renoise. Assume it would be 32bit float, as that’s what Renoise uses natively, and I usually have it set to 96kHz. Something makes me think it’s likely to be higher than the 3.5GB available on 32bit systems…

PS. Sorry for the sidetracking.