I am an old registered user, and I just got a new computer.
but when I render a song, I go to listen to it in windows media player there is nothing but silence.
does anybody know what is going on?

Have you tried open it in a wave-editor? (and do you see a wave-form?) Also did you rendered it 16 bit or 32 bit? IMHO windows Media Player is not the best choice to test your rendered outputs in.

Concerning Rendering a slightly different way :)

I just registered and downloaded 1.281 Full but I already made a track with 1.5ß…

I am sitting in the office now, because my Internet at home does not work anymore. Is it possible to load 1.5-Tracks in 1.28 to render them? I could test it at home, but I hate surprises ;)

Best regards

unfortunately no

it would be a bad surprise: you can’t do that.

So, I guess I have to wait for the full version. Or I re-track the tunes I already made…

if you already registered renoise 1.281, you can get version 1.5beta1 FULL (I mean: with rendering) from your user page, i.e. the page where you downloaded 1.281 FULL.

You can use it to render songs made in 1.5 (and 1.281 of course)

Well… Uhm - I can only see the public beta… And the full 1.281

try to instlal that version from the user page: it has rendering option.

At least mine, but I’m not that special registered user, after all :)

I am so dumb, I am so stupid, I am so dumb!

I rejected the “overwrite” option :(

Aarghl - I wish I had a brain ;)

If you find an address that has more of those for a good bargain, give me a tip, i 'm in the same situation.

Found one…

hehe…good one :)


Yeps, seen them, cheap offer 50 bucks for the DVD player. Only, i dislike the ten grants i have to shove across the table for the surgery a little bit.