Renoid Player

Anybody have any experiences using g200kg’s Renoid Player they’d like to share?
Any thought’s on Renoid player you’d care to offer?

I haven’t really experimented with it much yet, but will post some links to Renoid creations when I have something.

Ahh, I’d neglected explanation here though, Renoid Player (made by g200kg) is a web application and it can load only Soundfont version (.sf2) of Renoid voice file. Also it’s japanese only, so it may difficult to use if you don’t know about japanese HIRAGANA well.

Original Renoid project (it’s just a personal hobby project) was posted here.

Well, since anyone can use Renoid player easily on the Web, it may be interesting even if you are not japanese. Also g200kg makes some Web music apps, so you can sync Renoid Player with them.
(there is Renoid Player in the “Synth-1~4” list B)/> )

P.S. Maybe this is a Off-Topic? :huh:/> (since this is not directly related to Renoise.)

guys i would like to make russian vb for renoid player,
but it’s really very hard for me to do sf2 file

Sorry. I posted something by mistake


I’m really new to Renoid Player, but I think I’m doing well with it- however, I would really like to know how to upload different voice files from the ones already listed. I know there’s an option to choose a file, but I don’t know where to go from there. Could someone possibly help me? ^-^’