Renoise 1.2 is coming up!

take a look at some of upcoming features…

renoise 1.11 work fine for me.
but i’m waiting for the 1.12

good job dudes

when ? and what about madtracker support ? please !

Nice nice, those curved envelopes are sweet … and master/send stuff --> mmm :D

i still hope to see “InsertFX” tab for an instrument and sends to master track…


its already working in our bloody alpha builds.

great. i’ve been waiting few years, i can wait a couple of weeks more.

Damn, looks good!

when ? when ? when ??? :blink:

And there’ll also be a choise to render into not only 32-bit but also 24-bit right??

you developers are kicking serious butt with this thing. respect is due.

What about the multitimbral vsti’s and more than 16 multisamples. Is this also done in renoise 1.2?

Renoise will be the greatest tracker in the world. Keep going! :D

Hm, to keep everybody happy, why not make it possible to choose (in the render dialogue):

seperate wavs by instrument
< > seperate wavs by tracks
< > whole track as one wav

< > 24bit
< > 16bit

…or whatever… :rolleyes: Maybe better text labels, but ye get the idea.

sagosen: great idea there.

Tho I think it must be harder to code than to think :slight_smile:

@organix… hehe… great avatar dude! :)

sargosen : I used popups, but this looks like 1.2 :)

look at new picture i put on that page that shows render dialog, i hope it clears out some questions here.

well, it doesnt because the “render each track seperatly” feature isnt visible wich is already in here ;)

ok, fixed, latest screenshot is online. take a look at WIP page (again)

i also can’t see “minimize” and “pause” buttons :unsure: