Renoise 1.25 beta2 is available

Please drop me a mail, if any bug that you reported is not fixed with the new build ! The final version will be available in a few days.

Here is what’s changed, fixed in this version :

  • Added a new “Gate” device to the internal effets section

  • The position and size of the window in windowedmode is now saved
    and restored

  • Added Keyboardshortcut for capture instrument (LSHIFT + ENTER)
    capture instrument will select the instrument of the current selected
    note as new instrument in the instrumentbox

  • Added totally useless fading on startup and exit in fullscreenmode

  • Added new shortcut : PlayFromCursor, default mapping is the “winmenukey”
    (the key between RCONTROL and RSHIFT)

  • Hold down LCONTROL to zoom the sampleview with the mousewheel

  • Dithering is again an option in the masterTrack’s trackdsp tab

  • Fix : Steinberg Magneto and TC EQ1 finally work with Renoise

  • Fix : Small looped samples sounded detuned in the higher octaves

  • Fix : Font-antialias is now working again

  • Fix : IT module import : fixed wrong import of NoteOffs. Sustain of
    the instrumentenvelopes is now also converted.

  • Fix : all effectnumbers instead of only the relative effects (like pitchup/down
    glide etc.) played the last non zero effectdata instead of effectdata 00
    for example : 0a10, 0a00 -> 0a00 was played as 0a10

  • Fix : Play current line works now also with midi instruments

  • Fix : Pattern, longer than 100 (in decimal-mode) showed some gfxtrash

  • Fix : Bank and programnumbers of MIDIinstruments are no longer shown
    in hex but decimal

  • Fix : Using a processbuffersize of 1024 caused some VSTi playback
    problems on high BPM’s

  • Fix : The “*LFODevice” allows no longer selfmodulation of the
    “DestEffect” and “Parameter”. The range of “Offset” is now also doubled

  • Fix : When entering names, it was impossible to enter uppercase Letters

Thanks to all who tested the last beta and reported bugs !

I don’t want to be a nag but is it possible to let renoise react to the -1 octave in midi? My midi keyboards lowest octave is not recognized in renoise. The same octave is perfectly well recognised in every other midi sequencer i have tried before. BTW the make of my keyboard is a roland jv-30 so it is not an obsolete make but a standard gm/gs keyboard.

regards and keep up the good work.