Renoise 1.27 final is released

About this release :

Yes, its finally done. It took us a while this time, but I think the long beta
periode was worth it. If you take a look at the “History” below,
you will see, that we tried to concentrate in details and make the current
features as bugfree and comfortable as possible.
Also take a look at the known problems before downloading. An update
will follow as soon as we find solutions for those. We dont wanted to delay
the release anymore now.

Howto install :

For registered users :
First download the installer in the download page, and then download your
registered executeable as usual from the userpages.

For unregistered users :
Simply go to the download page. Download and install Renoise.

History (changes since 1.261 final) :

============= new stuff / addons / improvements :

± Brand new DiskOp: You now have song/instrument/track/sample/themes
sections, and the directories are shown separated from the files in a
tree view.

± Support for OGG and MP3 samples (load them in the diskop as samples)
MP3 import note : You won’t be able to import MP3s if you havenÄt installed
the third party “mpglib.dll” . This dll is freeware, licensed under the
lgpl. See’s download section for more info and a
download link.

± You can load any file (a bitmap, exe, whatever you like) as a sample in
the DiskOp menu.

± You can now export and import FXP and FXB VSTi presets in the VSTInstrument
settings (no longer in the external editor window).

± You can now reorder the tracks via the move bottons in the pattern
editor panel

± The old Compressor is now back as “Shaper” (tm : ) in the Track
(Native) DSP Device section list.

± A new device to the Track (Native) DSP effects section: “StereoExpander”
This device can reduce (to mono) or expand the stereowidth of the incoming

± The “*MidiCCDevice” now shows the name instead of the CCs in the
Track Automation view.

± All native effects will clear their buffers now when you turn them off
with a pattern effect by pressing the “Mute” button. This avoids
hearing some “old sounds” when you switch them on again.
Also, all native effects buffers are cleared when pressing “Panic”.

± MIDI RemoteMapper improvements: You can now specify a range (min/max) for the
remotely mapped value and interpret the value inversely.

± When you assign a MIDI controller message (CC) via the RemoteMapper and
record the tweaks, this CC message is no longer recorded into the pattern as
a “normal” CC Message.

± Faster “Render to Disk” function (only available in the registered version)

± Smoother pattern scrolling

± Trackmuting works no longer as it does on mixingboards by default
now. When you mute a track, no more notes are triggered from the
pattern, but you can still play notes via the keyboard on it. This
means that the track will no longer calculate audio as soon as it’s
muted and you can free up some resources by muting tracks.

± You can now clone whole sequences of patterns in the sequencer
via keyboard shortcuts:

CloneCurrentPattern (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F1) acts as usual
and inserts a new unique pattern directly behind the current one.

CloneTwoPatternSequence (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F2)

CloneElevenPatternSequence (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F11)
CloneSongSequence (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F12)

This clones the currently selected pattern plus the next X
patterns and adds them as a new unique sequence behind the currrent one.
CloneSongSequence will do this for the whole song.

This is of course only a temorary solution, but it works. I’ve added
this as sometimes it is a pain to do such operations with the current
sequencer. Of course the new “arranger-like” sequencer will fix this,
but as this will take some time to implement this solution might be
handy in some situations. (At least I used it a lot the last time : )

± Added a new 4Pole 24db lowpass filter to the Filter Device and a new
Moog Filter emulation. The old filters will be loaded with old
songs for compatibility reasons though.
If you want to use the new Filters, use the new “Filter2” Device.

± The currently selected track and instrument are now saved with the

± Added a vertical sliderbar in the pattern editor.

± 2 new GUI performance options (available only in the config.xml)
mCooperativeGUIPerformanceInWindowedMode (default 1)
mCooperativeGUIPerformanceInFullscreenMode (default 0)
By default Renoise now uses all the available CPU in fullscreenmode and
is more gentle in windowed mode. You can change this behaviour by
modifiying these flags in the “config.xml” file. For example, if you
don’t want to run other programs besides Renoise but want to run in windowed
mode, set the mCooperativeGUIPerformanceInWindowedMode to 0 and all free CPU
power will be used by the GUI to have a faster and smoother GUI.

± Added a new keyboardsection “InstrumentEditor”. Right now, only
“BackToPatternEditor” is defined, but more key assignment will follow.

± Added the “Hide all unused” button next to the patterneditor to hide all unused
pan and volume columns in the song.

± The track/song and instrument names are no longer limited to 20 characters.
The instrument names are now also visible when no sample, VSTi or MIDI instrument
is assigned.

± When the cursor is not on a noterow and you play notes via the keyboard
in non-edit mode, the next available note row is automatically used so
that you can also play notes when a volume, pan or effect column is

± Instrument envelope presets will now store and recall also the loop,
sustain, decay and LFO settings.

± Keyjazz recording improvements: Chords and single notes are now always recorded
from the currently selected note column without affecting the columns to the left
of it. This lets you place and record chords and notes more precisely.

± The songtimer will now be reset when you start a song and not when
it stops.

± Tick effects like 0x0E (retrigger) or 0x0d (delay) are excluded
while humanizing (advancededit panel).

± Pageup/down and F9-f12 now always jumps in quarters instead of 16 lines in the
pattern editor.

============= Fixed :

  • Faster GUI (and the GUI lagging problems on some machines should be fixed now)
  • When copying patterns or tracks, envelopes were not copied/pasted.
  • “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver” and “ASIO Multimedia Driver” (Cubase
    installs them) will no longer be shown in the ASIO device list. They
    are terribly slow and seem to work only with Cubase.
  • Fixed a crash when an ASIO driver reported an rrror under rare circumstances.
  • When recording with a MIDI keyboard without having the cursor in a note column,
    sometimes the notes didn’t get recorded at all or in the wrong note column.
  • The Suppatrigger VST FX works now in Renoise.
  • VSTi assigning problems fixed. After moving a VST instrument with the move
    buttons in the instrument chooser box, they didn’t get assigned
  • VSTis will no longer produce a click after hitting the Panic
  • VST effects were always active after loading, even if you
    saved them being disabled (bypassed).
  • When you loaded a song, zapped the patterns and then started a new one, it
    kept the previous song’s automation.
  • The “Distorsion” DSP Device showed an empty label instead of
  • Importing problems with XM modules that had patterns with a lenght
    of FF fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the XM importer that skipped importing some XMs
    with an “Importing failed. File is corrupt” message.
  • You could delete notes when not in edit mode. Now you cannot edit anything
    in the pattern when edit mode is off.
  • All native filters sound the same on all samplerates now.
    The wrong frequency range of some filter types is also fixed now.
  • Fixed crackling problems with some TC Works VSTs :
    (DeEsser/Compressor, Limiter, SideChainer, Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ)
  • The parameter names of the “*MidiCCDevice” and “*VstiAutomationDevice” were not
    updated correctly in the trackautomation view.
  • Fixed the bug of ImpulseTracker modules without trackdata crashing
  • When moving the virtual screen in the Track DSP menu, some
    pixels were not properly cleared.
  • Fixed the bug that applying Track effects to a sample even included
    the turned off ones.
  • Selecting a value in the Automation menu, the number of lines
    wasn’t shown in hexadecimal, although hexidecimal pattern numbers
    were selected in the Configs menu.
  • The status line showed wrong (previous) effect chain numbers
    in the Master track when typing in effects.

and as usual tons of other small stuff …

Known problems

  • Absynth 2.0 crashes regulary with Renoise. It even doesnt saves a
    crashbackup, so you should avoid using it till we found out what the
    problem is.

  • Hermite envelopes (envelopes in curve mode ) might not play what
    they show under special circumstances, so trust your ears and not
    your eyes till we`ve fixed this

upcoming Releases

As soon as problems, bugs pop up, we will have another 1.271 release to
fix them. Else, the next upcoming release will be 1.3.

Have fun with Renoise, ;)

If you cannot wait till tomorrow to try out the new MP3 import capabilities in Renoise, download the mpglib.dll here till we`ve updated our download page.
Simply copy this dll into the Renoise folder or into “Windows/System32” to use MP3 files as samples in Renoise.
Ogg files dont need such an third party dll.



Good job, you guys can go grab a well deserved beer now, cheers!

Oh, perfect. just in time for my new PC. Will build that thing together today and I am so looking forward to see how they work together …

but what it wrong with the forum ?
the post by taktik gets cut off after 10 lines for me … I use Slimbrowser, based on IE6.

Thanks. I`ve edited the post and added it.

yes fix absynth 2, pretty pliz :P

congrats guys! niiiice work!! :) so keith303 has given you the samplepack for us to work with on beatbattle? cant wait! :)

Another great job delivered by the whole renoise team.

Great job, and 1.27 cheers for the renoise team :D :D

Keep up the good work



Yay it works great without compromises! Also glad to see that the vibrato is fixed :)

me too… wanna beatbatteling B)

Hello i would like to know what theme is used in the manual(main screen overview) I like it :D

Thanks in advance,



“± You can load any file (a bitmap, exe, whatever you like) as a sample in
the DiskOp menu.”

This sounds interesting. How do you load non-sound files as samples? (when i try, the only files that show up available for loading as samples are .wav files… i’m using 1.27)

select samples between the discop radio buttons and press the . button which is between the directory listing and the file listing.

excellent! thanks

Thanks pulsar

evilcookie :
please contact me per mail and we will fix this.

oh, its so cool …

switched from athlon 900 with sb awe 64 to athlon 2600+ with sblive 5.1 player with kxdrivers, and songs which took 90% of cpu in the past now merely scratch the 25% mark … gosh, I am happy.

pulsar exaggerated a bit when he said that i promote renoise on demo parties.

well, actually it’s true, i DO promote renoise, but it’s rather because i talk to people about renoise and tell them that i like renoise and what renoise is able to do.

of course, at evoke, we’ll have the renoise workshop and renoise licenses as prizes in the music compos (as far as i’m told), so everybody will notice that renoise is there and that we support each other.

but the manual part is completely true. :)

teehee :D

netpoet :
wrong thread ?