Renoise(1.281) Crashed While It Was Saving A Track

or am I screwed?

Anyways, I was almost done with a track that I’ve been working on(for a day or so). I clicked save and renoise crashed…After restarting my Pc, I tried to open up the rns but it’s filesize is 0 bytes!!! I also tried to open up the backup file renoise created but it’s also 0 bytes. So, is there any way I can recover the rns(I use Win98) or am I screwed. I’;m assuming that theres nothing I can do, but like they say, better to ask than be sorry///or something

i’d like to know this too
i spent an hour putting all samples into a mod and putting dsps on the tracks to use as a template

i was usin 1.5a tho, but i did see something sayin that it saves every so often

Ok, this sounds very familiar, unfortunately… I’d like to know how to use magic to repair my song!

I’m using Renoise 1.281 and I just experienced a lockdown with renoise (it didn’t “crash” and save the crash-backup, but just locked) and now my song says “file is corrupt, song was not completely loaded” when I try to load it… :w00t: :panic:

I don’t remember how big the original file was, but the size of the last backup is over 3megs and this corrupted file is only ~300kb :(

It seems that all the samples/vsti:s have been perished and renoise crashes after a while of playing the empty notes… :(

Normally I save every version in a different file (to be able to easily come back if something sounded bad), but this one was going so well that I always saved it on the same filename :angry:

Pleeeeease, save my entire month and resolve this!