Renoise 1.281 Freezes

hi All!

I’m in need for help!

I just registered Renoise 1.281.

I used to be an Impulse Trakcer user, and I just recently got in a serious bug with renoise!

The thing is this:

I exported all of my instruments of a particular song to .xi,ok?

So I imported them into a new song in renoise and saved it, but whenever I try to load it, the program freezes! :angry: Why is this?!?!?!

I have a P4, 1024 Ram, 120 gb hard disk (7200 rpm), a geforce 4 fx 5200 video card, and a soundblaster audigy 2 extigy card.

I need help!


Jay Arr

as far as i can remember renoise support direct *.it import. try to import the whole it-song (if you got one). or you use some *.wav format to import instruments, maybe it’ll help…

I`m not sure if I got you : Have you made a Renoise song, or have you made an Impulse Tracker song and now try to import this one again ?

Would it be possible that you upload the song or send it to me ?