Renoise 1.5.2 Final...

Hi! I decided to ask some questions as it seems to have some problems with this version [in comparation with previous one that, to me, was perfect?]:

  • When start V1.5.2 [registered] I got this message in WinXP requester:

“ReNoise1.5.2: Unable to locate component:
The Application has failed to start
because libsndfile.dll was not found.
ReInstalling the application may fix this problem.”

I tried reinstalling - no help. This message keeps appearing.
[p.s. I tried on PC at work, I`ll see how latest ReNoise acts at home].
1.5.1 worked great here at work.

  • When click on ReNoise desktop shortcut icon & go to Icon properties, I can`t open ReNoise directory with Explorer in

“C:Program FilesRenoise V1.5.2Renoise.exe”

when click on “Find Target” button. It worked all well in V1.5.1… :(

  • For some reason when I go back from WinUAE [I also have at work] to WindowsXP and ReNoise 1.5.2 is opened - ReNoise screen remains black and program exits with error…

  • Thats all I found for now… I think Ill switch back to 1.5.1 [but Ill try 1.5.2 at home to see how it works there].

All best! :)

Yes, of course. Demo first & reg patch.

You probably mean:

go to C:/My Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/Renoise/

rename all “Vx.x” folders inside this folder to "_Vx.x "

reinstall Renoise.

Moving your complete Application Data folder is not really a smart thing to do.

But best thing is to go to delete the V1.5.2 folder, then rename the v1.5.1 folder to _v1.5.1 and reinstall Renoise.
I think something went wrong during conversion of your existing 1.5.1 config.

Renoise does not need “libsndfile.dll”. Seems that a VST that you have installed requires it.

If you start Renoise again, you should see a big dialog though, explaining that the startup failed. Then the VST folders are disabled and it should start fine. Have you tried to simply start Renoise again?

If this does not work, take a look at the config file at “C:/Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Application Data/Renoise/V1.5.2/Config.xml”

Open the file with a text editor, then replace
“mVstDirPathIsEnabled” value=“TRUE” and
“mSecondaryVstDirPathIsEnabled” value=“TRUE”


“mVstDirPathIsEnabled” value=“FALSE” and
“mSecondaryVstDirPathIsEnabled” value=“FALSE”

Of course you also could simply install the required dll for the VST. You can find it at

Sorry, yes, thats a known (but no new one - 1.5.1 also had this) problem. When switching back/to another fullscreen app, Renoise hehaves strangely. This is already fixed for the next big update. The changes needed for that where to big to be integrated into this small bugfix update…

Geez! I found what it is!!! Looks like I have a Virus!!! It has nothing to do with ReNoise. I`m now trying to clean up my HD. And I KNOW what caused it… It was demo of 3DSexVilla… “game”… and after installing it I had to allow once [thru Firewall] its connection from main server. Next day I bring this demo at work to show collegues what it is :) and now I have two computers infected. And at my home I have the same problem - missing dll. But it is not that hard as program works after clicking OK…

Thank you for trying to help me :)

perverse! :D

heeehhehe! yes. but to be honest I had to see it :) I have never seen anything similar :)

Hehe, made me laugh… :P

Although now I wanna try that too! Tho not if my comp gets infected. Damn!! :rolleyes:

finally found solution: It was not virus and it was not anything similar, luckily! I cleaned system - no viruses found. It was this:

libsndfile.dll were doubled by one of these two free VST plugins I copied to my free-vst-dir, and they have the same name for dlls:

Shutterer &

deleting one of those two fixes everything :)

btw, for those who wants great free vsts, take a look at:

great site :)

p.s. you may freely test 3DSexVilla :) and see how the only firm in the world for 3D xxx games created it ;) he he! :walkman:

Would it work better if you would put those two vst’s in the same folder with libsndfile.dll?

I don’t know if Renoise does the memory handling or the application on it’s own.
There might be a chance you can still use both vst’s when having them in the same folder with one copy of this library.

There is a chance that this won’t work out well specially if Renoise to load the library.

Even if it would, two vsti’s using the same library would also raise cpu consumption as the same routines have to respond twice as quick for the double input / output.