Renoise 1.5.2 Osx Universal Builds Available

Hi all,

Renoise 1.5.2 is now finally available as a universal binary. We now support PowerPC and Intel based Macs natively. Intel users will notice a huge performance boost when using this release.

Right now the new release is exclusively available for the registered users on the backstage ( Public demo versions will be available in a few days.

Please notice that this release does not contain any new features except the Mac / Intel support. Therefore we decided not to increase the version number and did not release a Windows update.

On behalf of the whole Renoise team,
taktik and pulsar

Thank you for putting this out. It’s running great. Your development team gets things done in a timely fashion despite this being your pastime. By the way- I really think you guys entering the mainstream with your product would be releasing boxed versions of this… anyways, thanks once again for this and putting up with my constant bitching for a universal version.

I have sent an update to VersionTracker if people would like to review or put comments on that site please do… I posted an update yesterday and already Renoise has been download 114 times as we speak!

thanks a lot!

I was wondering too and checked… it is still linked to the ‘old’ 1.5.2 I guess, if the Universal has not been made public that is…

Secondly I was wondering why there was only the Mac version on that VersionTracker page. My guess was that only a developer (maybe the mac developer (Simon) did this?) could add his software to be listed there and others could notify VersionTrackers of updates. So it might be a good idea for one of the Renoise staff to submit Renoise to the Windows section to get even more exposure.

:lol: Don’t worry you are still on top of things…