[renoise 1.5 A3 9.aug] Metronome Sound Is Terrible

The metronome is a really nice thing to have - no more time wasted for entering a closed hihat every 4th row for me - but the sound it has is awful (at least to my ears). Could you please replace the current sound with a closed hihat sound? Not only it would sound better than the current click, but also, having more high frequencies, it would be easier to hear - and therefore more useful - when using the metronome for recording in halfway done arrangements. The current sound gets lost too easily.

Do it yourself! :)

Should be no more than replacing that metronome.wav in you RNS-dir…

really? i was thinking about same thing… that metronome sound is kinda weired… :huh:

but if that’s jut about replaceing a wav file in renoise directory then i will certainly give it a try, when ill get home… :rolleyes:

what about a “best metronome WAV” compo? :)

I can change that myself? Sweeet! :w00t:

The option of choosing the metronome sound (perhaps there could be a couple of them in Renoise distro) should be made available in the metronome settings.

The compo idea is good - I mean not with prizes and stuff, but a nice set of good metronome sounds could easily be found.

<_< really important??!! :lol:

it’s more sad that renoise 1.5 works with truetype fonts now (seems like this) and there is no possibility to choose a font that’s available on your os!

Hehe, yeah, I know this is a rather small issue, but still, to a musician, the ability of choosing a metronome sound that fits his/hers taste best can be really important. And if it can be changed already, why not make it more convenient than replacing files in Renoise dir.



damn that thing us awfull, a compo should be nice.
I replaced it already with a smooth closed hi-hat
the one I always programmed every 4th line before :D

For a metronome I prefer the good old woodblock hit. :)