Renoise 1.5 Alpha 6 / Win32 Released

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It is pretty easy to detect which platform the user is running.
If the trigger returns a Win9x environment, it is also pretty easy to choose the routine that stores the configuration in it’s application path.
Even though Win9x has multi-user, it is worse protected than Win NT 5.x.
To allow at least some form of multi-user config with Renoise in Win9x, you could use the folder-path to the profiles or create a profile in the application folder.


I have to say that the new alpha 6 is pretty good… B) now it loads up my 1.28 songs with no problem :P and performance is also better…

But jep, i also like when program keeps its files in the program folder as much as possible…

Maybe i’m wrong but I don’t feel like renoise is such a multiuser program… :) I think that every serious renoiser has hes/her own gear anyway…


Again: We have no choice on Win2000 and WinXP: If you are logged in as a user, which has no administrative privileges, you cannot write files into the program folder. This can easily happen if you are running WinXp home.
Ok, we could keep the config files on Win98 where they used to be, but what exactly is the problem ? You dont like having the config files in your private configuration data folder ? Then go and blame MS for that.

If you have no administrative rights you cannot even install Renoise at all.

But i do get the point, if Renoise has to be installed by custom request on a Common Operating desktop, then the local sysadmin has to do the installation and in that case a user has only rights on his user-folder when using Renoise after it has been installed using admin rights.

Next level of Windows NT shit:
What if the user does not even have a local profile but a network profile and folder?

But every serious renoiser has administrator privileges B)

ok ok, just kidding :)

yeah, acctually ftII is the one and only reason why I´m not able to get rid of win98 or dos :)

In a professional studio perhaps on a mixing pc where more audio engineers log onto, this might be pretty ideal, it gives every user the possibility to have their own Renoise theme-settings, VST plugins folder etc.
It’s not about that the admin is “the” registered user and this feature was built in to limit other people using the registered version of Renoise because it will not unless you restrict access right to the Renoise folder, but this would also have included the configs if they still would have been there.

As when you download the free edition you will have the same functionality and same possibility to give each user it’s own set of properties within Renoise.

But the registered edition of Renoise gives multiple people the opportunity to use one license for more users.
Well, i don’t think development will go to Dongle-protection or some of kind.

Next level of Windows NT shit:
What if the user does not even have a local profile but a network profile and

network profiles and local profiles are synchronized at every startup/shutdown if you’re connected to your esimated network. changes on your local profille get higher priority. the network profile is just a backup of your local. the local is master, the network profle is the backup.


this is partially incorrect at this point.

most current “NT” domains are run on 2000 Servers. Your domain policy controls to what extent the domain policy takes precedence over local profile settings. the 2k domain at my work has the Active Directory profile taking precedence over the local system profile, so that a user gets the same “local” settings on every system they log into.

does OSX have some sort of LDAP/X500 compliant user directory system?

I can see where it all leads…

With next version, we will be forced to install RenoiseDongleOnlineService, requiring 512kbps rate for internet connection, needed to authorize every “Save Song” command :D

Pretty tricky, I like this :D

Nah, Where is your sense of humour?

Come on, teach me about privileges and accounts on NT based systems including Active Directory and stuff ;)

I’m not making any problems (i knew, the lauging emoticons was a wrong decision :P). I’m so terribly sorry you didn’t noticed these " :D"

I only tried to comment this whole discussion, adding a little bit of sarcasm.

And btw… I’ve red all posts here. As for to me, I don’t care where the
settings are stored. No one, excerpt me, touches my computer.

And that wasn’t a cheap joke. I would pay another 45 USD to make Renoise safer and well protected from cracking. Maybe that’s pointles but I remember how i felt, when I met some guy with pirated 1.281 copy.

As for to me, EOT.

Really looking forward to Alpha 7 - it’s got the Renoise MIDI master/Reason MIDI slave and compressor-“Apply FX”-to-sample fixes I’m hanging out for. The second fix is one I’ve been wishing for since 1.281. :walkman:

It’s really impressive how fast these bugs are getting fixed by the devs, they really do seem to be keeping up…well done guys.