Renoise 1.5 Alpha 6 / Win32 Released

Dear Renoise-Users!

We have a fresh Renoise 1.5 Alpha (Win32, OS-X will follow shortly)
version ready for your pleasure. One of the important things which
have changed this time, is the location of the config files. To
respect multi-user envoriments we have changed the location of
CachedVsts.xml, Config.xml and KeyboardBinding.xml to your profiles
folder. From now on the those files are stored in a place like :

“c:/documents and settings/yourProfileName/ApplicationData/RenoiseVersion”

I am not exactly sure about the folder name on english Windows
setups but it must be very close to that. Please be aware of the
fact, that the “ApplicationData” folder may be set to invisible per
default. In that case you need to toggle “show hidden files” in your
Explorer settings if you want to get access to those files.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this release. Please report bugs in the
old manner by posting them on the board :

We would like to ask you to help us with the [???] marked threads
located at :

those are bugs which we could not reproduce on our system setups.
Any comment on those could help, so if you expereince same sort of
strange behaviour, lets us know what is your enviroment and how you
could summon those little bastards.

Furthermore you have our greatest gratitudes for helping us with the
bugs which has been fixed so far. Great work!

and once again :

this version is only available to people who have licenced renoise
already, a public release is planed when we have beta status

cool but…

Take a look at this Screenshot.
Actually the missing file is there… ehem?

A Win98 problem. Sorry you will have to wait for the next release then. Noone uf us has Win98 to test, but we will of course fix this.

I pity myself :(

thanx for alpha6 and devs: please notice my “new” suggestions in “suggestions & ideas” for 1.5 beta … B)

i’m very astonished to hear that win98 is still in use by some users! i hated it so much years ago ;) coz “bug” was the second name for this M$-os. B)

why on earth would anyone wanna use win98 still?? its the most buggy OS in history of OSes. even win 95 was a lot better.

i pity you too :)


Did you see his Desktop! He has a working version of Fast Tracker 2!!!

I envy his ‘keeping it real’ factor, real old. :)

tbh… windows 98 SE (Second Edition) was better then any other old winversion… Win95,ME those are the bad ones… before xp i always used 98SE never had problems with it whatsoever (and yes i also used ft2.09) :D

SHGetFolderPathA is probably an uncompatible API command to Win9x.
It may have to do something with the relocated config files as Win9x doesn’t have a "c:\documents and Ssettings" folder but stores everything in the “c:\windows\profiles\yourname\application data” folder.

I think this info may clear out some things about a couple of API issues between Win NT 5.x and other windows versions:…2000appcomp.asp

i’m not sure the document settings path for handling information is the best, i’m not sure renoise needs to be multi user even, i’ve always liked applications that put all it’s needed files in the same folder as the application itself, that way when we format the system you’re sure not to loose anything…

i could understand maybe a keyboardbinding.xml stored in document settings, but why cachedvst ? this file will be the same anyway for every users no ? and config also has the sound settings like Asio or stuff like that, this will not change btw users…

all in all i think this is a bad idea, the only thing someone would want from a “multiuser” renoise is different color & different keybind, but even then that probably concern 0.1% of the renoise users…

please consider putting in back the way it was, that is all files needed for the app stay within the app directory :).

ps: as an added advantage it should run fine with those who still have windows 98 ;) or any weird windows setup…

Yes, before everything was better.
No, really : You cannot write files into the “programs” folder if you are a non admin user. So it was no choice to do so, but a must.

i wonder who install an os and doesnt give himself admin rights…

i’m complaning now, because the change is happening now, anyway in a few monthgs people will start complaning that they lost there precious keybinding because they reformatted :).

we’ll see the pros & cons… but cachedvst shouldn’t be in “document settings” there is no reason why it should be is it ?

by the way, the email newsletter I’ve receiver told about “Alpha 5” again :)

Well, if you have different VST dirs, then the cachedvst file will be different between the users…

Yes you are right!!!

Oh… That solves the “total song lenght” option in the song properties which was missing. This new song lenght option is much better. ;)

I didnt receive any email…wonder why…

check your email address on the user pages, maybe that account isnt valid anymore.

registered users get always an email, right?
I’m registered, but didn’t receive an email.
I didn’t opt out or anything :blink:

i would have to agree with matrix but in a softer way :)

Hi’ya folks! :)

About the idea of puting all the configs to the windows
profile path. To be honest i’m not so fond of the idea
either. The less there is data stored in the windows
profile and the registry the better things usually are.

I came up with a couple of loose ideas, what do you guys

  1. Renoise could automatically detect the location of
    the configs

if config_load_renoisedirectory = failed then

so the primary data would always be in the renoise
directory but if the load/save fails then try the
secondary option, in this case it’s the windows

  1. User chooses the location of the configs

in the installer there is a choice for the user
to select the saving to either to the renoise
directory or to the windows profile. That way
user decides where config is stored.

This dual system might confuse some people at start but
for some of us home users keeping the configs at the
windows profile just leads to trouble. I personally never
remember to take backup of the data there and when testing
out new plugins and stuff i usually just copy the renoise
directory and use it for the testing. It’s easy to have
many different versions that way. And if some trouble
accure it is real easy to just to copy the working config
from the other renoise directory to the broken one.

Good thing about the dual idea is that the supporters
for the old idea win and the supporters for the new
idea win. And best of all the developers win since
it’s quite easy to implement. :P

And the other thing that came to my mind is that is anyone
using lcd screens while renoising? On my comp the new 3
dotted fx line gets antialiased by my gfx card and it
looks kinda messy. It would be cool to change the mark
back to the previous one. I would be happy even to change
it manually on the config file. Would be a real headache
saver. :)

Thanks for the good job lads at the renoise factory, i’ll
keep on testing alpha 6 out more on the weekend.