Renoise 1.5 Alpha6 For Macos X

Hello all Mac users!

Now there’s a fresh build of Renoise 1.5 alpha6 available for MacOS X also, there are a lot of mac-specific changes in this version and we would very much appreciate both bug reports and confirmations that fixed bugs actually are fixed.

Bug reports should as usual be written in the bug report forum and confirmations that fixes actually work can be written in this thread.

Still this build won’t work on MacOS 10.2, you will need 10.3 or later.

Partial list of new features/fixed bugs (please confirm if they work for you):

  • Render should work also with 16 bit quality
  • Resize window should update contents correctly
  • Audio output should work with multiple channels
  • Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode should update contents correctly
  • VST plugins can resize their window
  • Log file is saved in correct path (~/Library/Logs/Renoise.log)
  • Config files are saved in correct path (~/Library/Application Support/Renoise/)
  • Renoise should not eat 100% cpu when idle any more
    … maybe some more I forgot about :)

Known bugs not yet fixed:

  • mp3 & ogg loading is not implemented yet
  • window minimize bug in fullscreen not yet fixed

As usual, please include relevant information in bug reports (crash logs, Renoise.log, system setup, steps how to reproduce the problem)

I hope this release will work well for you, if the audio code actually works it feels like we’re getting quite close to a public beta…

  • Simon

There are already lots of people testing the mac version, and there is a steady flow of bug reports that I’m working on fixing. As soon as we feel the build is stable enough, there will be a public beta release. No sooner, no later.

I don’t want to delay the release any more than necessary, but at the moment there are so many rather critical bugs that needs fixing that receiving fifty reports instead of five for a given problem would only slow down my progress.

i’m buying a mac when the osx full release comes out.


Call me nuts but as soon as i read (at about the Mac alpha version of Renoise being available for registered users it took me a couple of hours and i decided to purchase a license.

I don’t regret it a bit, it’s really shaping up to a cool and useable app.

I’m waiting for the next alpha to see if there’s still more annoying bugs to find and well, waiting to see if the already reported bugs are ironed out. I’ve almost lost count on the number of issues i’ve reported…

They are not so bad and there’s allways a been ‘workaround’.
Bur there has been issues where the saved files were impossible to reload, random crashes.
Most if not all of these have been fixed in the later builds.

Also there’s been quite a few cosmetic issues wich do not really affect the functionality of the program.

Some features are not present in the Mac versionm ny guess is that these will be implemented as time goes by.

I guess the puclic beta will be out before the end of this week.