Renoise 1.5 Anticipation Party In .no

hola everyone,

we’re f****ed up drunk (hanse, sinatra, sagosen, xerxes) and celebrating the upcoming release. now we’re gonna go out and have sex with all the women who also wait for renoise 1.5… and each other.


yours truely, the party reporter,


FANTASTIC!!! :w00t:

YEAH, now we are listening to Hansi sin musuic, and it’s kinda cool to listen to and stuff. And soon we4 are going to have sex with renoised gurls and stufdf. Abnd I can’t type whatsovever… ghegegegehehehe :dribble:

xerxes, official party reporter, at the keys.

sinatra says: GLUTEN!!! seffærn GLUTEN!!!
sagonsen is busy playing the above back from his cellphone!!!
hansee is on the toilet, but he will without doubt be womens choice on town tonight. he’s hot as a mutherf4ck33r!

xerxes is typing.

see ya all!

it-alien: big hugs and anal sex to you from all of us! we LUV u! :)


lol dudes, have fun. (I am sitting at home watching this “Monk”-series which is pretty cool. oh cool, I have beer left !)

less than 48 hours to go :panic: :yeah:

it’s going to be a cool weekend.

Loved that drummer/drum-roll grem, Ronny! Very apt!



Oh, but we DO have fun!! :D

harr harr… Tried to pick up girls, but as I’m (according to a test) 36% gay, and am wearing an XBOX-tshirt right now, it’s kinda hard to score! :P

ah well, we still have the muusic… Cool thing, ALL 4 are registered users and WILL get the alpha ASAP!!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

ehm well…

i did get to have anal sex with them all…
i dont want to talk about it it too much… all i can say is:

renoise 1.5 will be




so there’s going to be some heavy traffic on the server tommorrw, huh?

i wonder what kind of transfer rates we can expect with everyone connected up to the user site downloading the new version. interested in seeing the new web stuff.

Duh… how about bittorrent to balance out some traffic-load? :P

err… looks like a lot of people, women and men, are loving me these days… :wub:

unfortunately, I have to say that you really could not have nl s*x with me at that time, because I was having sex with my girlfriend B)

good to see that you guys are having fun, keep on boozing, and thanks for having had a special mention for me in this very happy moment, though I wonder why you talked about me… trying to go on acid listening to my songs? :D

…and have a good hangover
:w00t: =>>> :panic: =>>> ^_^ =>>> :blink: =>>> :wacko:



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The message’s meaning is intact, anyway

mhh, did you type that yourself or went the easy way with copy and paste ?

LOL, nice thread you freaks! haha :w00t:

finally home. lets see… i wonder whats gonna last the longest, the badass hangover i have or renoise 1.5 waiting time?

keith, we had some anal sex0r wiff u as well. did you notice?


i say we should all meet at keiths house for some cheap german beer and hookers tonight. then tomorrow, whilst hungover like biatches, we could watch the meistro (k303) discover all the shitty bugs…

yay for me and my good hangover ideas!

oh btw…erxes-nvigm.mp3

new thingy

I started a new tune yesterday, but looks like I will finish it in 1.5 :yeah:

Damn, I can’t wait!!! I’m lucky I always get up in the evening, I won’t have to wait so long :P.

Tomorrow should be an international holiday!!! :w00t:

hoho… all you GAY (=happy (duh!?)) people should have been here in Sweden
for the PrideSTHLM-festival partying for RNS1.5… the party’ll go on for the remainder of the night so you can still make it… huh!? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

as a rule, you should not use an alpha version to make new tunes:
things can go wrong and you will lose a song, or even the song format could suddenly change between alpha versions without any backward alpha compatibility.

So watch out, or at least do not complain after :)

this is a major theme … i think something like a Renoise exchange format is important in future … simply the possibility to save a song in version 1.x.

… or the developers should think about a new totally flexible format … like in Photoshop … don’t know exactly but i think it’s possible to load every PSD in lower versions of Photoshop