Renoise 1.5 Beta2 Released

Dear Renoisers,

You will find a new registered beta release on the userpages, and the public demos on the official download pages.
The PC version was uploaded a few minutes ago, the mac releases will follow shortly…

Beside all the as [fixed] marked topics, there is one big change in the VST implementation, that should hopefully solve the rest of the VST compatibility probs: All VST instruments (not effects!) have now the “mNeedsStaticProcessingBuffer” option in the CachedVst.xml file enabled by default. I gave up the hope that we could sort out the plugs that behave buggy with variable buffersizes…

So please re-test all the reported issues in the VST-Bug section, and let us know if this release fixed the problems that are still open.

OS X Version is now available for download

We want blackis! We want blackis! We want blackis!

Well, we want the OS X version actually…


No! we want the C64 version god damnit!

Anyway, love these release days… mmm thank you taktik & co.


The file seems to be there ( but when i start to download it it goes on forever(like >300MB) som something is propably wrong.

awesome! works beautifully. all vst troubles are gone, and it is in general feeling far more stable… gone are the stange hickups during playback. very nice work.

this is all beautiful and nice, but please as said in the mail i sent u guys leave an option to save keyboardmappings for future beta versions, if this is too much then leave a fancy option that makes us registred users the ability to use the desired beta version as long as we like. And if that is too much then just ignore this post. :ph34r:

Your keyboard mappings is saved in the KeyboardBinding.xml located in
C: - Documents and Settings - User - Application Data - Renoise - 1.5 beta1
Just copy/paste this file to the 1.5beta2 folder.

indeed they are, thanks man, was searching for it but due to not having “show all files” on in totalcommander it didnt find it. :o

It was me once asking this question (forgot to login), and I still wonder the same ;) Anyone?

I thought i read an answer about the fact that some plugs can’t handle dynamic memory assignment (i guess it’s for buffering between host and plugin) very well.

FMPOV: They probably assume they get an amount of memory to work with, but with dynamic memory it is the purpose that the plug requests what it needs from the host to buffer rather than the plug expects to get a fixed amount of buffering memory assigned. And probably some plugs get a dynamic buffer (meaning:0bytes) and they just are there doing nothing or behaving silly because they think they don’t have gotten enough memory to deal with.

I may have explained it totally wrong, but i understand this trigger is supposed to be a troubleshooter rather than a feature.

If a plug can handle dynamic buffering allocation, more memory can be made available to the plugin than with a fixed size. I think that specially for sound-samplers that load everything into memory, this could be a performance increment, however, if you don’t have that much ram (less than 1GB) it might also run against you. (the sooner the page-file is being applied, the more hicky your sound-output becomes)

For synth-samplers:they have can instantly expand memory to generate sample-output in a quick way.