Renoise 1.5 Rc2 Has Been Released

Renoise 1.5 RC 2 is available in the backstage area and public download page.

Not much to say this time: Exept the Waves VST parameter restore bug, and some minor GUI related fixes, not much has changed under the hood.

Download and enjoy, and let us know if this release should be “Renoise 1.5 final”!

great! I will test this build…



Windows Users: IMPORTANT

Please download the RC02 version again from the backstages and/or public download, if you have downloaded it before today, Sa 13, 03:00 AM (now).

There was a problem with this version on AMD processors, which we havnt found before, because noone of the dev team is running a computer with an AMD processor. This problem is now fixed.

Sorry for the problems.

You are well forgiven!

…hugz’n’kizzez… :wub:

The message above was from me :unsure: :rolleyes:

Hmmz… today 13th is still Sunday on my calender…
And tomorrow it’s time again to freak out some gals with anonymous love letters.

does anyone find this RC2 version much FASTER than the previous?

I’ve made some tweaking (mainly disabled about 5 services which where loaded upon XP start) just before installing it, so I don’t know if the improved performances are due to this, and I really don’t want to set the situation as it was before to test it :)

I use a P4, not AMD

I must say that the fixed RC2 runs here too much faster than previous versions and I haven´t done any system changes at all :)
AMD/VIA System it is btw.

…mhh, something went terribly right don´t you think? ;)

Hell it is running faster…
Dunno what happened with the first public Rc2…
Don’t touch a damn thing anymore Taktik, it’s good enough…
Let’s pray the fixes RC2 was required for work okay as well.

RC2 (13 dec) is working fine. No problems at all. Time for the final?

it’s not even close to being faster than RC1 (actually, rc1+2 are 100% on par), but that doesn’t change anything about the fact that this RC2 appears to be a very solid and bugfree candidate for a final release.

no complains so far - luvin’ it =)

I second that too! This release rocks

:guitar: :drummer: :yeah:

It plays even the most CPU hungry tracks I’ve done so far (which I previously had to compose, then render)


i did some testing on older tracks last night which i had tourble with in RC1.
(glitchy poppy audio and high cpu usage)

so far RC2 is much smoother… !! nice!!

thanks! :yeah:

I noticed this thing in the log.txt

CPU: Disabled Hyperthreading. Attached the process to the first logical processor.

I think this is only for Intel P4 (and maybe AMD64?), but is there no
performance to gain from using the Hyperthreading. And/Or is that a
whole different bag to program for the whole SMP- thingy?

It sounds like it would open a can of worms to have programs run on
2 proocessors, but then again I can only make Hello world programs in
Java :)

this label was present in log.txt of previous versions too

I finally took the step to use 1.5 mainly now.
I thought it now woud be save enough to use.
and wow! al those tiny improvements keep on suprising me.

like the speed variation in a song.
Earlier I continiously had to go to earlier speed commands in the song.
Renoise now seems to look at the last one now. Sweet!

It’s not only for speed. It is for all commands AND automation. B)

I love this version, when im making out with my girlfriend i think of this version, however are you guys sure you’ve fixed the amd situation? Tried it on my server pc(amd 1200) and i had some wierd problems:

Started making a song and added 4 vsti’s, had no problems tho the cpu was running upto 80%, but no soundlag or screenlag at all, then i loaded a wave and the whole program started lagging. I removed the wave but no change, still the same screen and soundlag, i started removing the vsti’s but still, same lag. This problem doesnt occur on my work pc tho(p4). So i was kinda considering it to be the amd problem you’ve spoke of.

And yes, i’ve downloaded the latest version(after your post taktik)

cyberwax: would you mind traying it in a clean environment? (i.e.: uninstall ReNoise, double check that all config files are removed, install the RC2 demo)