Renoise 1.5 Review In Computer Music?

Hi, I read over on a forum that Renoise 1.5 was reviewed by Computer Music mag. Does anybody know which issue this was in? Or if they actually did review it at all?

Maybe you’re thinking of this:

(Scroll down the page for a few scans of the magazine)

Not really a review, but Renoise does get mentioned a few times. I don’t buy CM every month so it’s possible that they did a proper review at some point and I missed it.

I read that CM had reviewed Renoise here:

but it’s only a forum post, so I wonder if it’s true? I find it very hard to believe they would ever review a ‘lowly’ tracker…

Renoise hasn’t ever been reviewed in Computer Music, just the occasional mention in articles. However, in the current (May) issue it has a picture of Renoise on the ‘Next Month’ page, as they are doing an article on trackers in the June issue. No mention of a review of Renoise, but it could be worth looking out for when the issue is out (May 9th, it says).

Yeah, if CM was a mag to bother with in the first place