Renoise Mentioned In Computer Music Issue 100

Renoise got a nice little mention on page 11 of Computer Music magazine issue 100, in the “Totally Trackers” column thing.

First off there’s a mention of the Chainsong 2006 compo in the MadTracker community, then a mention of NitroTracker for the Nitendo DS (fully compatible with XM apparently, sounds kinda interesting).

Then there’s the bit about Renoise:

Below that is a little screenshot of Renoise which is around 2 inches wide since it’s in a column off to the side of the page.

Damned well deserved! :D

Cool. :)

Just bought CM 101 this morning and Renoise gets a mention there too in the “make music now” section.

(Click the thumbnail for the full image)


I haven’t picked up CM in a few months but it seems like they’re a bit more in tune with what’s happening in the smaller corners of the music community. They seem to be talking more regularly about lesser-known or independant applications and plugins, which is very cool indeed.

Or maybe it just seems that way because in the last 2 issues I bought I’ve seen both Renoise and my own plugin get mentioned, heh. Either way I like it :)

i bet there will be some users, maybe like 5 years from now, some of them will be like whoa i think i have an article about renoise in computer music 100!!!
but yeah if i ever get the strange urge to buy one of them types of magazines the sample disc gets tossed in the junk mail pile an after about 1 or to looks at the state of popular music culture/software, i can at least remember how far i am from it. :D

so does anyone have a subsription to The Wire?
reason i ask is because its kind of expensive.

they however seem to actually keep up with the edge of music software an tech
it doesnt move that fast (music technology) but at least by the little article summaries they have on the site. tho i could fathom they are actually paying attention.
it looks like they do kinda subscribe to some areas of pop music, but i guess that is inevitable.
if we all put together all the random things we have found/ learned/tried out/reseached, from the past 3 years and made a magazine. it would actually have some knowledge in it!

i just realized something, DBlue! your Glitch plugin is extremely popular among DNB/jungle/mashup, breakcore & freinds an whatever else there is. if one of those computer music magazines have not written a big article about it, they are Truly sleeping. just about every abelton user i know or heard of is using it. the next time you have a major release or update of Glitch, you ought to email those magazines about it!

Hehe, let’s start a Renoise mag. :) Bi-minutely issues.

Congratulations to the renoise developement team!

Finally they’re getting the recognition that they deserve :D

Hopefully they’ll start mentioning Renoise alot more in magazines in the future :yeah:

Off to make music now

WOW awesome.

I think ive been waiting 16 years to see a tracker in a Magazine :o

Man, Right about now I wish my town still got those mags in… :S

cheers for sharing dblue

Seems like it’s become a regular item in Computer Music’s news section. There’s another “Totally Trackers” column in issue 101 which mentions Psycle Compo 8, reViSiT (tracker in a VST plugin), and finally Skale is shown as tracker of the month.

I know trackers would sometimes get mentioned in the magazine in the past, but I can’t remember if it was a regular/fixed feature. Can anyone else (who owns issues 99, 98, 97, etc) confirm this?

Got around to scanning the little bit from CM100, just for the sake of completeness.

yeah…at april`s CM there is a lil column for renoise…nice

Nice to know that CM will pay attention to trackers (and ofcourse Renoise) now and in the future…

Wow… Renoise is an Arguru beast? I didn’t know that :P

Yeah, that was my thought too… as much as I love Arguru’s work, as far as I know there is not a single line of arguru code left in Renoise :confused:

Hehe finally. I was asked to do that article a while ago, and it’s great they actually printed it! Onwards and upwards for Renoise and it’s users.

I’ve no idea to be honest! If I’m asked again, I’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

if any other magazine editors / contributers or general pro-musicians are reading. . . then any ideas as to how the “team” could be furthur helped in promoting (and financing) the development of their great product ?

Computer Music, Future Music, all the music macs published my Future are vile steaming puddles of baby excrement, only worth buying for their sample CDs which are usually crap anyway. Wall to wall fruity and reason, “how to sound like artist X” tutorials, interviews with generic musicians who deserve their fame as much as GWB deserves the right to presidency, and every stupid time i’m at the airport looking for a read and there’s no new Edge out and i give Future another chance, they piss all over my good will.

Those magazines are not for original creators, they’re there to satisfy the slavering masses of me-toos and wannabes who are satisfied sounding like generic garbage. I’ll just throw that out there.

Self taught is the way to go. Diligence breeds understanding breeds true creation.


Wow. Did they run over your dog?

Without meaning to play the apologist too much: They do what sells, and a good deal of that has to be entry level material and “obvious” stuff dressed up with gimmicks like “sound like X”. You have releases don’t you Sunjammer? I suppose that means you’re not the audience for this stuff.

There was some guy on DOA’s the Grid who said that he summed up the fundamentals of dance music production theory on the back of a paper napkin at a restaurant. Once you know how to get results out of EQ, compression, make your own patches with filters envelopes & LFOs, mix and arrange, add effects, and know enough music theory to get by, what else is there to know? You can make a track. At that stage, you probably don’t even need their reviews, because you’re probably not really that interested in new gear, having moved out of the “synth collector” stage.

Sure, there are plenty of nifty tricks (“frown” EQ makes something sound further away, for instance) and occasionally they drop these amongst the noise. A trick which is the basis of the way I work came out of CM, so arguably it was worth the price of those half dozen magazines I bought just for that sliver of knowledge.

An older editor of CM went off to start Music Tech; that seems to be a little meatier, even though it’s less available.