Renoise 1.5 Using M-box (digidesign)


If I install the ASIO core audio driver for an M-box sound card is it then possible to use Renoise 1.5 for both playing and recording (sampling) audio?

If yes this could be really good news! :)

Thomas Stoltz

Firstly it will work for playing, but ASIO is disabled in the demo version so you need to be registered. Secondly, recording is not supported at all, but it’s a highyl requested feature.

Does anyone know how long we have to wait for that feature (recording using ASIO2)?

I’m kind of waiting to buy Renoise till that happens!

Thomas S!

I wouldn’t wait for it… It will probably take some time. First of all the 1.5 beta should be finished. Then there will be a poll to see what the regged users want as the next feature(s), although the decision is up to the developers. Also there are other features like the piano roll that has already been started…

still can’t believe piano roll is prioritized before recording… Ah well, that’s another discussion alltogether.