Renoise 1.8 On Interface Cd

The new June edition of the Dutch music magazine Interface
holds Renoise 1.8 on the included CD-rom.

it states:

[i]Renoise 1.8 moderne tracker

Uitstekende moderne ‘tracker’ met
VST- en asio-support. De demoversie
kan niet renderen en asio-support
ontbreekt. kosten ¤ 49.99[/i]

in english:

[i]Renoise 1.8 modern tracker

Excellent modern ‘tracker’ with
VST- and asio-support. the demoversion
can not render and lacks asio-support.
cost ¤ 49.99[/i]

however, the interactive menu on the CD-rom itself states ¤ 50,-

but that’s not a big issue, is it?

last I heard there was no such thing as bad publicity…

on the CD menu they say “50,- excl”
to be precise.

the renoise website is mentioned below. so people can look for theirselves.

Yes their is a Review! I totally overlooked it (shame) the pages of the Renoise review are bad printed in my copy.

I made pictures of the Review:

good: good sound quality, low latency possible, quick way of working, line-in device to jam along
bad: no optimal overview, longer samples handling, bad automation of VST-parameters

l love the dutch language. Words like “Kwaliteitsniveau”, just classy. :D

Thanks for the verdict translation and the jpg… I like to see foreign (to me) stuff

I found it interesting how much of it I understood from a norwegian perspective, our languages look quite similar, and I haven’t really seen dutch in written much before. :)

i find reading Dutch with my German-Language mind equally disturbing. It looks like someone wrote german with a heavy accent and I’m on a roll with reading it until I get to words like ‘ontbreekt’. then it crashes “Divide by Zero” and I’m left with a headache.

Oh yes I agree!

ontbreekt = lacks, oder nicht in da house :P

Nice to read that renoise is getting even more coverage :)

it’s about time that more and more people learn about tracking :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I love the first few sentences: “Do you think of bittorrent, filesharing and website analysis when you hear trackers?”

Reading dutch is easy for me but I love some words as “vietsverhuur” (rent-a-bike) are really funny to me because a “Hure” is a prostitute in germany…

you ment “fietsverhuur”
and our neat way to say hooker (rent-a-girl) is prostituee! more classy than prostitute isn’t it !

The neat words are “pleasure ladies” or gezelschapsdames or dames van lichte zeden.

But some people also use some wrong american slangwords that don’t have a positive meaning in Dutch… like some DJ who calls himself Kutmasta Kurt… they should only know what the Dutch word Kut actually means…

Sorry, but I’ll stick with “prostituee”. “dames van lichte zeden” is also fine.

It’s because “gezelschapdames” not always are there for sexual purposes.
they are also just for companion (gezelschap)
to do cardgames with grandpa, or help you make your sunday soup.
in royal terms they’re called “hofdames”. and japanese got “Geisha”.

it’s a thin line (becoming even thinner).

I think I’ll have a whole day of listening to dutch when I go to Defqon 1 in Almere. Tickets are already bought.

all I say is “lekker”. :) Best dutch word ever from a german point of view.

You call that “Geil” but that word means something explicit in Dutch :P