Renoise 1.8 Public Releases Available

Demo versions of Renoise 1.8 are from now on available for everyone at the Renoise download page at

If all goes well (no big problems have to fixed/solved), the final version will then be ready in the first half of january. This release was, thanks to the help of a lot of registered users and the Renoise alpha testing groups, very well tested. A big thanks from me to all who where involved!

Please report any Renoise 1.8 related problems in the 1.8 Bug Report Forum at

If you have questions about some of Renoise 1.8 features, let us know about them in the Renoise 1.8 Discussions Forum at

The full changelog for Renoise 1.8 can be found here:

Have fun with the new release!
taktik, on behalf of the whole Renoise team

PS: Be prepared for the usual “after release beatbattle”!

Thanks for the early christmas present Renoise team :drummer:


Nice work mate. Right before Christmas too.

Lovely stuff


I’ll post the great news on my forum and i hope to get my license in January when the oficial release comes out!

Tracking forever! :)

Absolutely awesome!!! You guys rock! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:



tres rad! :yeah:

Great work Renoise team!

Great work! Love the new Renoise ;)

One thing… in five days it expires… 2 days before the SDCompo deadline. I am working on a tune in RC1 for the compo, it would be a shame if Renoise quit on me 2 days before the deadline. Is there going to be a new version within five days?


Hehe dunno how I managed to miss that one, thx ;)

woo! new release is fine!! the improvement of the lfo is NICE, so easy now. the sample recording is also extremely cool! is there any way to view pattern editor while you start/during recording?


set “Synch Start & Stop” option to “Pattern”, hit “Start”; a countdown should start, then press F1 to switch to the pattern view.

this should answer your question, although I cannot verify it now because I’m at work.