Renoise 1.8

I mean this Renoise v1.8 is the best Musicprogram (IMHO) i ever saw…
I love it very much , YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH !!!

And this new Feature MIXER !! It is great,

Thank you Renoise Team for this Great program



Welcome :)

Yeah, I have been using it since 1.2 (have been using trackers for years and years before I found Renoise) and I am impressed.

I love the way it works, and the way you can customize it for yourself… I have tweaked the colours and the shortcuts and it looks like my dream machine now…

And we all know how good it is technically :)

Great stuff

Yeah, and install Renoise 1.1 now (you can still find it in the downloads). It’ll make you laugh :lol:

But there were days 1.1 was the Big Thing.

Evolution, ain’t it?