Renoise 1.8?

Hi there… I was wondering why 1.8 was made as a beta, and where in the future can I expect the 1.8 final version will be released?

I think it’s a little silly because I almost made a song with 1.8 but of course I can’t open the song in the 1.5.2 version. I’m simply dieing after the 1.8 so I can make the rest of the song… Also the cpu usage is nice in 1.8…

Thanks for bringing this wonderful program to the people who loves trackers :)

Nice weekend everybody

sorry I really don’t get what is your problem…

a software is in beta version when all of the expected features have been implemented, but they are not fully tested yet.

we decided to release these beta version in order for volunteers registered users to test them and report problems and make the software better.

the only problem I see is that your version has maybe expired…!?

in this case, simply login to the backstage area and download the latest beta version. we decided to time-limit each beta versions to 1 month since its release date because the first beta got leaked and spreaded to the public.

I cannot give you any precise date about final release. It strongly depends on how many problems we still have to fix. You can have an idea about this in the 1.8 bug reports forum section

Thank you for telling me, I just needed a small explaining for all of this, I’m usually very busy and dont have time to read all the news so this was very kind of you :D