Renoise 1.9.1 Final (+ Linux Betas) available

You forgot another (less obvious but still noticable) change:

-+ Zoombar in sample editor has been moved underneath the sample-view frame to fit to the current view.

I was the 1st one to mention it in post #11. :P Perhaps I paid attention to it because I had suggested it before.

it’s absolutely incredible that this has finally happened! mad f****ing props to the whole dev crew. it just bites that i now, for the first time in several years, don’t have a linux box to play with it on. i suppose i now have a good reason to get one tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done on the new release. When it asks for the number of samples on the draw sample, is 441 the same as C, if I draw a sine and hit C note is the tone C? If so what would be the numbers for the other notes?

Use: Samplerate/Hz of note

Approx. Frequency [Hz]:
C: 262
C#: 277
D: 294
D#: 311
E: 330
F: 349
F#: 370
G: 392
G#: 415
A: 440
A#: 466
B: 494

So to get the note C at 44100 samplerate:

44100/262 = 168,3206 = Approx 168

:D Thankyou very much. ;)

OMG, YES! Even though I can’t yet try it because I’m not registered, this is seriously the best thing I got for my birthday.
I can’t wait for the demo version. Thank you!

Meh, I should have read the last post before answering. Ignore this.
I don’t know if I’m giving the right answer to your question but:
The more samples you have in a loop, the lower will be the tone. So if you choose 882 samples, you’ll get the tone one octave below. Except you draw two sines within the 882 samples.
But if you decide to use the Instrument Settings, you can set the desired pitch by changing the basenote and the finetune value.

:panic: “WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Works great here, btw, just as expected :D I have to put a rather high latency to not get much crackling though - but then again, I’m just running plain suse, no realtime kernel stuff, AND am restricted to motherboard sound until I get a decent sound card, so I’m pretty sure the fault lies there.


Really cool, especially the new drawmode! I’ve some questions about Linux:

  • Does the overall performance improve dramaticaly when I install Renoise on Linux?
  • Will my soundcarddrivers work under Linux?
  • Can I use the VST’s I’m using right now?
  • Can I use Wavelab and Sounddiver?

Thanks for the update!

1 - If you use the realtime kernel:yes
2 - That depends on your audiocard, even if they drivers of Linux don’t natively support your audiocard, you might be able to perform in installation using downloadable drivers from somewhere on the net for your card.
I would just invest this before you try.
3 - Windows VST’s:probably not, Native Linux VST’s:yes you can but native Linux VST’s are buggy and can cause Renoise to crash without reason so you are warned in advance.
4 - Wavelab and Sounddiver, do they have a native Linux edition and do they support Jack? If so, then you can, if not than you can’t.

If you don’t want to install Linux on your internal harddrive, i would suggest you to buy an external USB one and install Linux on your external harddrive first.
It works pretty fast for me and i can still boot my XP environment from my internal harddrive.

Wow. Congratulations on the Linux version. I’ve been planning a full desktop migration to Linux in the first quarter of this year, and now you gave me another reason to be really excited about it ;). Looks like I won’t be needing dual boot at all. Can’t wait to try it out.

What about a cell powered renoise on a ps3? :)

Think I’m actually going to try Renoise on a PS3 with linux. Wonder if works well, end how good the processing power is when it comes to DSP’s.

i’m not sure, but i’d be surprised if that’d work.

ps3 seems to have some kind of ppc cpu. and i vaguely recall reading somewhere that taktik compiled the linux binaries for x86 only.

edit: found the statement: (the legendary post in the “would you use renoise on linux?” thread)

link to corresponding post

Well, installed Ubuntu last night and had a blast with Beryl. :) Damn, Ubuntu is feeling much more solid and automagical than just 1 year and 2 releases ago. :) Got Renoise kicking in no time and it worked okay using ALSA.

Today I tried installing some ubuntustudio-libs (mentioned here in the forum somewhere) and tried Renoise with Jack and using RT-kernel. Worked like a blast! I haven’t really played hard with it and mostly listened to the demosongs as I miss my favourite VST’s, but I can easily think of the impact Renoise will have on the Linux-scene in the state it is in now. :)

I found the loading-font a little funny, I always thought this was a Renoise-standard font, not a os-specific one, but I could be wrong on that. :)

Edit: I have a buddy who was involved as a musician in the Amiga-demoscene 15 years ago, but haven’t done much music after that, mostly doing techie-stuff in linux and freebsd nowadays. He’ll probably be all over it when the demo-version goes public. :)

Has anybody installed renoise on freebsd? I know about 90% of linux apps will run on bsd without modification, so I’m hoping that maybe there is another bds user around who can tell me whether it’s a go or no-go…? That would be so cool if it did work :dribble:

any chance we’ll see an update to the required screen resolution so i can run renoise under linux on my EEE (max res 800x600)?

still, linux! :yeah:

Yes yes selectah! I officially have the horn.

What happens if you try to run it now? Does it load with scrollbar, or does it just not load at all?