Renoise 1.9.1 For Linux Goes Gold

The beta testing took (as usual) a bit longer than planed, but we’ve finally finished the beta testing for Renoise for Linux.

The final builds can be downloaded at:
Registered versions:

Demo versions:

What’s new?
Compared to the last RC version (RC2) there are no new features beside that the builds will no longer expire. The Windows and Mac OSX builds have not been updated - just the Linux version.

What’s left?
We know that there are still a bunch of features left that people would love to see on Linux (for example Jack Transport Sync, 64bit builds, DSSI support), but till now stability had the highest priority. Remember that this is the very first release that we have for Linux while this is for sure not the last.

Linux beta testing forums:
The Linux beta testing forums will be removed now by moving all the old bur reports into the read only archive and merging the Linux discussions forum into the main forum. So no posts will be deleted. Newsletters will be sent out later today or tomorrow.

Finally a big thanks from me to everyone who was involved in the beta testing and Linux discussion/fine tuning during the last months. You guys really helped us to make this more than a simple/kinda works Linux port!

For those who haven’t followed the Linux discussions during the last months:

The Linux version features (beside everything else you have on Windows & Mac):

  • ALSA support (for Audio and MIDI)
  • JACK Audio support (optional)
  • LADSPA support (native Linux audio plugins)
  • VST support (for Linux NATIVE VSTs only - See the FAQs)

An excellent small introduction into Renoise for Linux:

The small Linux HOWTO/FAQs from our tutorial pages:

Not sure if your Linux box will run Renoise? Then have a look at the system requirements:

Now stop reading and do some music on Linux, or alternatively help spreading the news if you have no Linux box yet!

Another HUGE thanks to taktik and the whole renoise team. I think I’ve tried pretty much every music creation program in linux, and I’m unlikely to be going back to any of them since I started using linux Renoise…


this is great news,great to see the linux users gets some love too :D

It has to be said, you’ve done a great job with the linux port.
I’m realy impressed.
People should know that doing a port to a new platform isn’t THAT easy.

And some developpers allready failed (XT to name just one of them)

You’ve done a great job, Renoise works realy well on Linux !!


I agree with Kara.
Renoise works magnificently in linux (as opposed to xt, which is a right fiddle).
Thanks so much for the hard work, not only in porting the program, but supporting us users so well too.
Jack transport sync will be very sweet!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Renoise team who helped make this real…
I am a proud registered owner of renoise. Its a great program and allows me to create and experiment with sound and music…
I use linux 100% on 2 desktops and 3 laptops ;)

Thank you for making it available on Linux!

Looking forward to posting my first track for all to listen to soon :wink:


I have never used linux before, but this may be a good reason for abandoning windows…

Right, I am going to come out and say it…

I have just migrated from Windows and I have a question…

How the hell do I install Renoise??? I can run it from its folder on my desktop, but I want a nice Renoise logo to click (like all the other software I have installed).

I honestly dont know how to install this. I mean, I cant use the Add/Remove thing, as this just downloads approved software and installs it…


open a terminal

go to the directory where you have extracted the archive

sudo sh ./

now your icon should be in the multimedia menu

That was fast mate!


I’ll give it a go.

You using Linux too? What distro are you on?

Ubuntu 8.04.

Don’t forget to read Linux FAQ to get the most out of your box (most important: install realtime kernel)

Mate, it totally worked!!!

I have been googling all day trying to get various issues with Ubuntu sorted, and the information out there is SOOOO cryptic. That is alright if you are a L337 hacker, but I am nothing of the sort… I know my way around a computer, but scripting is beyond me, tbh.

So, thank you so much for helping me out!

I wonder why the information you gave me is not included anywhere obviously available to other people new to Linux/Ubuntu. Maybe it should be, because it is anything but intuitive!

Well, thanks again. I really appreciate it!

Sweet mate!

Get on MSN or AIM or whatever and we can have an Ubuntu nerd off and help eachother out.


hi, i got 2 versions of renoise on my desk, wich one is the more recent ? the 1.9.1 reg or the 1.9.1-rc1 reg ?

1.9.1 is the most recent.

RC1 stands for Release Candidate 1; Release Candidate releases are the ones which hopefully immediately precede the official final release (that was the case of 1.9.1 indeed)

thx a lot ;)

Yes Yes! Big UPS to the Renoise team making the Linux version happen. I now switched to Linux (Slackware 12.1) because it’s availabilty :D I’ve always wanted to switch back to running linux, but stayed with wind0ze because of renoise…so again THANKS! It runs perfect in Slackware 12.1 with my Echo Mia Midi soundcard. What distro’s are you guys/gals using?


Brilliant! :drummer:

Hi there, newcommer to renoise, from the Linux world. A huge thanks to the renoise team for supporting our OS : this is actually the reason that kept me from buying music software until now.

Take care

~ tori