Renoise 1.9 Beta Testing Starts

Welcome a new Renoise release.

As usual on the backstage for registered users only:

Demo versions will be available shortly before the final release gets released.

This is a beta release, this means it may contain bugs. Please help us
to finetune this release as usual in the newly created forums:

Please post bug reports for Renoise 1.9 here:

Please let us discuss features and finetuning for Renoise 1.9 here:

Public and final releases will not be released before all problems have been
solved, so we can not give you a final release date.

What is this release about?

This release is a maintenance and improvements release. Don’t expect
a whole new way of tracking but improvements/fine-tuning of already
implemented features:
There are things that have to be done/fixed/improved before making a new
big step - feature wise. Its planned to continue like this until Renoise
2.0, which also means that the registered users voting for features is
delayed until then. Renoise 2.x (maybe 2.5) will be the next huge
step, where we should take care of the biggies like the arranger, audio
freezing, tick timing improvements and so on.

Or said the other way around: We have internal FX, so they should be good
(or at least “acceptable” with stuff like presets and so on). We support
MIDI instruments, so the timing should be as good as possible. Its about
quality, not feature quantity.

Finally a big thanks to the Alpha testing crew from me for the constant
feedback, suggestions and maintenance. I hope we could this way keep away
all the big, annoying problems/bugs from the public.

Changes from Renoise 1.8 to Renoise 1.9:

- Multiprocessor support:  
 Renoises Audio engine supports now parallel audio processing, which means  
 that it uses all available physical CPUs for realtime audio processing.  
 Expect audio performance speedups between 1.2 and 1.8 per extra CPU.  
- Preset handing for internal FX devices:  
 + Factory settings (read-only pre-installed presets) for all the internal  
 FX are now available.  
 + User presets let you easily load/save, import/export and share your  
 favorite FX settings.  
 + A/B preset compare buttons, which are saved along with the song,  
 allowing quick switches in live playing situations or allow to easily  
 compare two FX presets.  
- Improved MIDI timing on Windows:  
 + When you are the lucky owner of a MIDI device which has new generation  
 WDM (DirectMusic) MIDI drivers, Renoise will offer them beside the old  
 Windows Music (MME) drivers.  
 WDM MIDI drivers allow (but dont guarantee) a more precise timing for  
 MIDI instruments and MIDI Clock. Perfect (sample precise) timing in  
 case that your MIDI device and driver supports MIDI timestamping.  
 + Timing for the old MME drivers (which most of you will have) has  
 improved as well: MIDI output from Renoise should be a lot tighter than  
- Improved MIDI Clock Slave support (live jamming mode):  
 When you stopped Renoise while its synced, you can now restart (resync) it  
 at any song position by simply starting playback in Renoise again.  
 So renoise will also no longer stick to the masters absolute song position,  
 but syncs Bar wise to the master: you can freely move around in the  
 sequencer while being synced.  
 Also Renoise will keep time when loading new songs: This means you  
 can start playing a session (hit start on the Master, so that Renoise  
 knows where the Masters Bar starts), then hit stop at any time in Renoise  
 and load a new song. When you are ready to continue, hit space (start  
 playing) in Renoise and Renoise will automatically adapt to the already  
 running Master.  
- Improved MIDI Clock Master support (supporting automated speed changes) on  
 all platforms  
- MIDI device sharing on Windows:  
 Renoise will now only open/acquire MIDI devices if you explicitly select  
 them. This way you can share/use the MIDI ports with other running  
 This should also fix some ASIO related problems, where using the  
 "Microsoft GM Synth" caused ASIO to fail to initialize.  
- MIDI hot-plugging support on OSX:  
 You can now plug/unplug your Firewire or USB MIDI gear while Renoise  
 is running, and Renoise will automatically detect it on the fly.  
 This works also for "virtual" devices that are created by other  
 applications that you start while Renoise is running.  
- Automateable states of internal devices (like the filter type),  
 represented via buttons and switches in the device chain will now also  
 record pattern or envelope automation when right clicking them.  
 FX Device On/Off pattern commands can now also be auto-inserted/recorded  
 into the pattern by clicking them with a right mouse click.  
- Quantized automations (like On/Off switches, filter types...) are now  
 properly visualized and handled (will no longer show percentages) in the  
 automation view.  
- New internal FX Devices:  
 + Bus Compressor  
 Hybrid of an feed-forward and feed-back (RMS vs Peak) compressor.  
 Due to its sensitive processing, Very useful in the final mixing stage.  
 + Maximizer  
 A Compressor/Limiter that easily allows you to make the overal sound  
 louder and punchier. Also very useful as a simple peak limiter when  
 used as the last device in the master track.  
 + Chorus:  
 Simple, but powerful classic chorus effect.  
 + Distortion 2  
 New Device with 4 different distortion modes and tone adjustments.  
 Replaces the old Distortion.  
 + Gate 2:  
 Gate effect with input filters and a duck mode. Replaces the old  
 Gate FX.  
 + Added a "*Velocity Device" which lets you automate other FX parameters  
 via the velocity of live played or recorded notes.  
- Pimped up "old" internal devices:  
 + Added a custom envelope mode to the "*LFO Device": You can now draw your  
 own envelopes.  
 + The "*LFO Device"s frequency is now shown in Lines Per Cycle (LPC) to make  
 pattern synced LFO sweeps easier  
 + The "post volume and pans" (from the mixer) are now visible in the  
 device-chain as well  
 + Upgraded the mpReverb to mpReverb2 (thank Mindplay!), adding Color and  
 Width control  
 + The Band Frequencies and Qs are now adjustable in the EQ10 and EQ5 device  
 + All EQs allow now a selective channel processing (just the left,  
 right or both channels inverse)  
 + Added Filter response Graphs for the EQ5, EQ10 and MixerEQ  
 + The delay device has now pan control for the delayed signal and  
 a "BPM sync" lock, which lets you control the delay times in pattern  
 lines instead of ms  
 + Added a phase inversion switch to the gainer device  
 + Added filter controls to the flanger and improved the LFO  
 + The phasers number of stages is now adjustable (and can be automated)  
 + Added audio meters for all amplitude manipulating devices (Gate,  
 + "Surround width" is now available in the Stereo Expander device as well  
- Added beat, 09 effect, ms and sample rulers to the sample editor. You can  
 also auto-snap the selection to these segments now.  
- Added a search field to the DiskBrowser  
- added a ReInit button to the Audio Preferences pane, which quickly shuts  
 down and reopenes the audio device with the current selected settings.  
- New "soft" fullscreen mode on Windows, which doesn't change the  
 resolution of your monitor and can be used on any (not only the primary -  
 when using more than one screens) monitor.  
 This should also solve the remaining VST editor problems, where some  
 dialogs of some VST could not be correctly shown in fullscreen mode.  
- The NNAs (New Note Actions) are now adjustable per sample, not per  
 instrument as it used to be  
- The Sample interpolation mode is now adjustable per sample (the default is  
 cubic interpolation). Argurus sinc will replace only the cubic modes when  
 rendering to disk.  
- The Pattern line highlighting and the default Pattern length is now saved  
 with the song (no longer a preference)  
- Mastering options like dithering or soft clipping are adjustable in the  
 mastertracks device chain and saved with the song (no longer a preference)  
- Added peak levels to the master tracks volume device, to make avoiding and  
 fixing clipped master signals more easy  
- The AMIGA/FT2 pitch mode can now be enabled separately from the  
 09 Offset AMIGA/FT2 mode  
- Upgraded the internal FLAC library to 1.1.4 (fixes a few encoding problems  
 and improves encoding/decoding performance).  
- Support for dead character typing in all Renoise text fields (you can type,  
 enter combined characters like ñ now...)  
- and more... (the usual small improvements here and there)  

f****ing hell, you call this a minor upgrade?? Excellent work!



My jaw fell off. I’m so glad I found Renoise

now that’s one killer update! thank you.

It turned out, that taktik and the rest of the renoise team, have cloned themselfs. Trust me, my source is reliable. :)
The changelist looks definatly awesome. Can’t wait to play with the new devices!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! :w00t:

fantastic!! thank you taktik and the rest of the team :) much appreciated!
i am about to order 24 copies for the place i work :D

lol. Kaneel - teh masterer ;)

Damn. U guys did a huge work. Dualcore and other improvs are just great.
Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot, this represent much more than chrismas to me.

Taktik for President

DAAAAAMN! I just downloaded and checked all features and myu mind blowed!!! I starting to scare what 2.0 or 2.5 release brings next!!! WOOOHOOO! RENOISE DEVS ROCKS!!!

Another understatement in this thread.
First Taktik tells us it’s a minor update, and then this should be worth more than mom’s sweater and underpants from the sister!? :P Of course :D

Perfect timing now that you can get an Intel Quad core for $300.

Nice surprise. Thanks Tak & co.

BIG smile


Oh yeah!


Unbelievable updates! Another approval for Renoise being the best, and being really Community Driven! Many of the updates have been discussed and asked in this forum.

Thanks a million. :)

christ on a stick, if you guys call this a small update i’m gonna put on some diapers for the 2.5 release!

thanks devs!

wow. i thought that i dug renoise before, now this update? im amazed and impressed. you have a customer for life! :)

All right! Awsome list of features! Some I’ve really been looking forward too a lot, what a nice surprise! LFO extavaganza, here I come!! :D