Renoise 1.9 Stable Release Date

Hi there friends and foes,

I was wondering if anyone had information concerning the release date of 1,9. I know trackers have been beta testing and all but i’m 100 hrs into my evaluation period. [i know im a poor and stingy mofo]
I thought that i’d just wait for 1.9s stable release.
The thing is, if its anything over a month duration, i will register immediately. If not, i might just wait the new version to come out so i can stick around for more free upgrades.

I’m sorry for being so darn cheap, but i really don’t have the resources…


Well, for the record, I registered more or less exactly two years ago, when Renoise 1.5 was out and we’re still not into stable 1.9, so you will probably recieve free upgrades for a couple of years.

I think the beta-period on 1.8 lasted for 4 months or so.

Yeah, this is the correct answer. Beta testing is a privilege around here.

Renoise users, who pay their dues, help make Renoise better. No shitty versions are ever released to the public, and that has historically taken months…

For the record, these aren’t “fake” months meant to make you pay. So it’ll take as long as it needs to take. Maybe this time it will be shorter? It’s a gamble. But in all honesty, if you plan to use Renoise, join the club of registered users.


EDIT: I was wrong, it was 6 months…

btw 1.9 is very stable (for me) already, I deleted 1.8 from the hd :)

6 Months with the internal alpha testing and finetuning. But Renoise 1.8 was really a monster (changes code wise), so I expect that we can beat this ;)

Also if you register Renoise now, you will get regs until Renoise 2.9. The version number has already been increased.

About the release date:
As the others said: Nobody can tell you. We test as long as necessary to avoid giving out buggy “final” releases and to avoid this usual 0.001 software update mess.

as did i.

Yes Yes!!! 8 months beta testing galore! :P

Yeah 1.9bx have been very stable for me too.

Dont worry about it, pay your money and get the new shit!

I’m not so hasty. 1.9 not stable enough for me yet.
There are still some unexpected crashes and multy-processor support bugs and overloads left in 1.9b3
So i’ll wait for next rock-solid final release.

Could you give us some more details about this?