Renoise #1 Host On Kvr

Is this thing gathering momentum or what?

Filter by “hosts” and see yesterday’s ranking - Renoise being #1 in “all” +“commercial” categories!

Lol, prolly got featured on some famous website?? :unsure:

I bet it’s all 'cause I started the facebook page :P


23rd now… wtf mixcraft is ahead of renoise :rolleyes:


Only the version number is updated on KVR… The killer features have not been added to the description yet…

And it’s an old screenshot… <_<

Let’s e-mail them and tell them their wrong-doings?

I remember when 1.9 2.0 came out and I wanted to do a proper KVR review of Renoise.

Dac beat me to it - his review is very amusing!