Renoise 10 Speculation Thread

I`m really excited about this upcoming release.

I for one can`t wait to try virtual reality music making

and being able to think of great beat and sample it using usb MRI scanners

Go dev team!

I just hope it still runs on windows xp with 1 gb of ram.

i have an early alpha build, but it’s a bit buggy still. I can’t seem to auto-hide the pianoroll with the force of my brain. help, someone!!

Well, you will finally have Renoise 3.0 running on a mobile phone, because that is where Windows XP will run under as emulator, trashed in some very old Linux app archive catching dust.
But i suspect Renoise 10 will have dropped Windows XP support around Renoise 5.0

By renoise 10 I expect to have chips implanted in my brain and phones not to exist at all in the way we currently think of them. I’ll be pretty disappointed in the advancement of technology if we never come up with a way to pipe digital audio directly into our brains, bypassing our ears altogether.

I have a loop playing in my brain and i can’t find stop button.

Halp I spent some gems to buy hats but they are not showing in my account!

This already exists, they’re called cochlea implants.
You can plug straight in like Neo.

Sounds are generated direct from the brain, exactly as “heard” in the brain :)/>

Edit: Oops… just seen the above lol. I know there’s also a reverse of this where audible information can
be directly fed to the brain with the Neurophone - not sure how far production got with these though.

Only scripting language still lua. T-T

Somehow I don’t think we’ll ever see version 10, Renoise will probably be perfect around 5.0 and the devs will want to start on a new (tracker)daw from the ground up.

Perhaps, but it will be LuaJIT and scripts for DSP’s as well.Perhaps even a DIY plugin designer.

It will have a “Top Hit Single” button plug in. *wink.

It will have a manual :badteeth:

It will have audio tracks so devs finally can focus on midi routing for Renoise 20

IF so, it will also be about as likely that Playstation 1 will make a comeback in the year 2028, and Renoise will be ported to Playstation 1 and will be competing fiercely in the marketplace against MTV Music Generator.

^ Mark my words, so that in 2028 I don’t have to say “I told you so”…

As long as this brings back the golden era of JRPG’s I eagerly await.

did it ever end? :blink:

It did on consoles.

I surfed on the internet and got in i time loop continuum through the wayahead machine where i suddenly stumbled onto this post: