Renoise 2.0 Alpha, Leaked?!

No wait, it’s not.


I wouldnt really call it a thing of timing… I think people certain people would be outraged, looking for someone to blame (and most of the rest of us mildly interested in the unfolding of events) if this happened at any given time… or any given unreleased version number…

What’s this Renoise everybody’s talking about?

One day all you alpha testers teasing without infos will burn in hell! The crowd will maybe start a riot. :P

Yes, THE NEEL saved the boomerang more than once!

I miss those days though, when inspiration would simply fall
down from a starlit sky like a meteorshower. Hopefully 2.0 WILL
unleash another horde of ideas upon my unexpected emptiness.

Brother, please another katanatatistic phuh dot?

:D :D

would i pirate a leaked alpha? without hesitation :) i’m so thirsty for info

Someone tell Renoise to stop pissing everywhere!

A One One.



a-one a-two a-one-two-three-four

a-one and a-two and a breakcore worn shoe…

one for the money
two for the show

i hope they get rid of up/down scrolling

:blink: ?

This thread is disappointing in sooo many ways.

one for the treble
two for the sea-bass
come on fishermen let’s rock this plaice

To bring this thread a bit back on topic, one could actually interpret the picture into an often requested feature … [b]timing.

[/b]False hopes maybe?

That’s what she said. :unsure: