Renoise 2.0 Goes Gold

I’ll try to make it short this time:

The final builds can be downloaded at:

Registered versions:

Demo versions:

What’s new?
Compared to the last RC versions there are no new features & changes, beside that the builds will no longer expire.

Well, there is one small present:

Samples & Loops Pack for registered users
Registered users can now download a 115 MB sample kit from the Renoise Backstage - exclusively made for Renoise.

Beta testing forums
The beta testing forums will be removed now by moving all the old bug reports into the read only archive and merging the discussions forum into the main forum. So no posts will be deleted.

Looking Back and Moving forwards
A big thanks to everyone who was involved. 4 month of testing, feature fine-tuning and bug fixing were definitely worth the work! Now its time for us to develop new features for Renoise 2.X, and for you to use this thing to create music - that’s what it was built for.

More info about the Renoise 2 launch + champagne:


God damn …I am stuck on this island …so no renoise for me …
Anyway …happy birthday renoise
Nice work taktik

WWWAAAAOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!! :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

Thanxs soooooo much for this one!!!

Regards, and big up for all the great team!!!


:panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:


S P E E C H L E S S . . .


Excellent product.

Thank you so much!

Pretty cool. Too bad, I am currently moving (so my pc at home is not connected) and now I am at the office… But hey :) RENOISE RULEZ TEH SH*T ;)


No seriously, awesome. Is there any release data for the sample pack? Sample names, styles, authors etc.

THUMBS UP + Champaign

Five Stars Baby

where’s 3.0 alpha??? :dribble: :dribble: :dribble:

Well done, thanks!


Finally that nagbox is gone! :D

Can we start bugging you guys with demo-song reviews yet? ;)

Another unnecessary “nice work tak!” post.

Superb!! Thanks!

Maybe we should have a beat battle with the sample pack then?

Hehe yeah, would be nice if you could click a “Check here to not show this again” :rolleyes:

And yeah…

Songsmith is certainly ain’t.


thank you team, and congrats all with this brilliant release! :yeah:
most stable piece of audio software ever.

by the way;
since i registered at v1.11, I guess I might as well could just renew my license now?
would I then get the 100mb samplepack that’s mentioned on the launch page? :)

my new fav tracker ;]

i boot 1.9 out in the snow…