Renoise 2.0 Hype Thread

I could imagine Renoise running on multiple platforms (pc/mac/linux) is causing extra programming stress, maybe in hindsight it was wrong for us to ask for a linux version! :wink:

Out of curiosity to the dev reading this:

How would that work anyways, do you program / work on one central renoise where you implement all the goodies and have it magically converted to all platforms? Or do you have to painstakingly re-create every option for every platform? That would suck imo, there should be elves for that kind of work.

Dev’s using v1.91 to program 2.0, that’s how good they are


In fact I just think it should be deleted!

that cat has been deleted already.
(don’t get me wrong I love all living beings)
I think it’s from the ‘trailerpark boys’. And if it’s not, it’s on comedy central, so I don’t think it’s real.
besides, I don’t think Jonas would post it if he knew it was real.

but this is a 2.0 hype thread so:
Renoise 2.0 may have nibbles inside to raise our creativity and inspiration
(really not that bad idea, Flow proved if preforming some over doubting tasks can lead to inner rest)

but maybe it’s now reprogrammed to ‘kick the cat’ because of the caturday explosion on the board.

its the “reno 911” crew (comedy central logo on the bottom right)

great job on the fx
just look at how the blood splatters

reminds me of the court jester of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia

it is fake, from a silly show called reno 911 :slight_smile:

(oops you beat me to it 00.1)


NEWS FLASH: due to the power overload of the large hadron collider in Switzerland this morning, renoise2’s atoms have sadly disappeared before their very eyes, all this before a public beta-testage. A total shock and devistatement I know. But don’t worry, taktik has now moved on to making toblerone-slicers.

i got a large hardon collider for renoise 2 right now.

Presenting Rebell…


i soo cannot wait untill the beta is released :w00t: