Renoise 2.0 Hype Thread

Holy fucking shit!

no cats please

Hyper threading?

Renoise 2.0 is a rough building block in contemporary music production environment, fully leveraging on the today’s standards like ASIO, VST and JACK. Incorporating cutting-edge sampler engine which fully streamlines the creative process and boosts productivity in many ways. DJ’s, home studio owners and music professionals can enjoy unparalleled productivity, revenue growth, and business intelligence with Renoise 2.0.

Renoise 2.0 integrates well with your existing professional level audio hardware and software instruments providing excellent workstation for complex audio design solutions. True multiplatform, multiprocessing power of Renoise 2.0 enables even the most demanding professionals to release their creativity.

Thanks to the evergrowing Renoise 2.0 community and proffessional support services such as Renoise 2.0 Forums, Renoise 2.0 IRC and Renoise 2.0 Backstage no customer problem remains unsolved and in addition, Renoise 2.0 Community provides inspiration and help on songwriting using the award winning lolcat technology.

Has anyone made the “3.11 for workgroups” joke yet? If not, I call dibs.

Renoise Too, More Teenwolf

All your business intelligence are belong to us :slight_smile:
Nice blurp!

Where’s the hype?

Haha, YES!

I don’t get the reason for this thread, I don’t get what these pictures should suggest, and mostly - what the puck is the hype all about if there’s not even a beta in sight?

beta is in sight in (very)few weeks :wink:

I hope to hell that’s not real

Give me RENOISE 2!!! *"%¤&!!!

please? :wub: