Renoise 2.0 Lpb

Idk, I’m not sure if I like the whole new LPB thing. I had RNS 1.8 before, and when I was running at a bpm 200 / spd 1, the spacings between the highlighted lines was 4. Now in order to get the same tracking speed, I have to set the LPB to 16, meaning that there are 16 lines before I get a highlight. It’s throwing me off a little, cause I’m used to counting out 2 or 3 highlights before the next kick, now it’s only 1. Is anyone else getting thrown off by this?

You can change this behavior in the ‘Song Settings’.


I’ve tried the song settings, nothing.

I’m starting to feel as if the new LPB=Fail

I’m used to tracking fast to this

…not this

Song settings -> Highlight every XX lines

LOL! i have no words…

Aw, poor thing… Being so bugged by something you simply didn’t find, so much even that you made screenshots! :)

You change it under song settings, the tab right next to automation on the bottom quarter of the screen. “highlight every xx lines” is set to “LPB”, just change that to whatever you want, and suddenly LPB=Cool!

Heh, I’m glad I can leave you speechless. ^_^

I just don’t get what the fuss is about LPB, I think the speed was just fine. I mean unless you can explain to me what it’s all about. I guess I just don’t always agree with change, especially when the last thing was fine. Why reinvent the wheel? Right?

Heh, I guess I deserve that. :)

It’s not hard to make screenshots though.

Who needs highlights when you got hex

I guess we all just need to get used to it. Kinda like smoking a cigarette for the first time, you reject it at first, and then you need a patch in order to stop.

hi meow,

it’s a bit funny that you find the speed system to be better while you were using it a speed 01…

when at speed 01, the speed system does not work at all because a row and a tick are equivalent, like if you would like to build a window into a wall made of one brick. at speed 01, all tick based commands, such as pitch bend, will not work, but I understand this can be fine with you if you are into some kind of loop-based music or similar.

anyway, in 2.0 you can do everything you made in 1.8, and of course a lot more.

if you really want to stick at “BPM 200, speed 01”, use the following commands:

F201 => sets TPL, alias Ticks per Line, alias the so called “Speed”, at 1
F104 => sets LPB to 4
F0C8 => sets BPM to 200

and save this as template song.

speed was fine, but LPB is awesome :D
LPB gives us better resolution and the possibility to use the delay column, plus future additions in renoise (“zoomable patterns” has been mentioned) and integration with the outside world (midi sync, and stuff) will work much better with LPB than speed. at least this is what my idea of the LPB is.

i dig it also because now i can finally use REAL bpm values, and that way also plugs that use arpeggios and bpm-synced delays also work like they are intended to. B)

Ohhhh, ok. I get what you’re saying. Thanks for straightening that out. Explains why I didn’t notice any difference in certain effects when I’d raise the value above a certain point. One of which being 0E05 (or higher) didn’t sound any different to me then not using the effect at all (or is that another issue?).

So in that case, what’s the default TPL in RNS2?

Once again, thanks for straightening me out. :D

default TPL has been set to 12 (F20C), because 12 can be divided by 2,3,4 and 6. Again, you can modify this setting in the Song settings panel and saving the modified song as template.

and yes, 0E05 cannot work at speed 1, as in general 0E0x will work only if x is lower than TPL value.

maximum TPL allowed is 16 (was 31 in Renoise 1.x) because commands like 0E0x cannot set x > 15 (F in hexadecimal)

oh, by the way - Crackhead!



it r in yur pattern
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Note to self: Open your eyes. :rolleyes:

The song settings panel is different than 1.8 (duh). I used to never go into that section (don’t I feel like a fool now?). As for the highlight xx, I was looking for it in the pref (would make sense to be there).

Now is a great time to download the pdf manual. ^_^

fuckin noob