Renoise 2.0 New Features?, Which is the list?

… with Impulse Tracker, right ?

no, with Renoise 3.0 alpha :P

I thought the collective forbid you to use the timetravel portal long time ago.

At least you did not got permission from the team to test Renoise future development results, that was already when you submitted knowledge about 1.5.2.

Renoise 3.0 has too much cowbell

To the RENOISE Team: how about probability? Maybe you could implement something similar to the trackers which are Buzz machines. There’s C0 to CF in the volume and pan columns not being used currently, and some lagoons in the pattern effect values Fxyy.

Now all of you know in advance which is one of the features I would vote for if I find it, tee hee. :lol:

Srsly! I’ve suggested that we get a seeded random generator/device.

and breakbeat slicers :drummer: :P

You want some eh?

that’s my breakfast slicer

That explains the fast breaks.

AFAIK the new possible features were mentioned several times on the boards already. They include: PDC, revised routing, more control over instrument parameters. AFAIK someone mentioned changes being more internal rather than being externally visible. Probably they’ll throw in a fun new toy or two aswell for the Wow Effect. :)

I might be wrong though. So don’t listen to me! :)

Yeah, VSNARES DSP is amazing!!!
Also like the Baguette Slicer a lot

Renoise 2.0 has an Automated Mastering DSP that should solve such problems

Ahhh…“The Bug” :slight_smile:

Tapping the conversation…u kno

New version without arranger will be pointless…

How about glitch 2.0 as native DSP effect?

did you know?
as an easteregg, v2.0 was meant to enable you to unlock a fully registered version of ProTools HD 3 to be used inside renoise.
fortunately nobody cared about this, so taktik removed the 126 lines of code from the renoise sources again.

New version without the flux capacitor will be pointless.

Insert banane.